Saturday, December 25, 2010

a ground-ups x-mas...

Mary Christmas told me to tell you...

Ground-Ups began in like 1999, or something like that. Shane and I were really into Ruins around that time, but definitely not up to that kinda like trap-kit blitz or stamina. To make up for it, we like put that influence together with our own art drives, and decided to like both play the drums.

We like talked the whole thing up to Chris Clavin and soon he found a home in g-ups via one of his lost passions, the trumpet (and/or) cornet.
Shawn and I love the trumpet (and/or) cornet, and welcomed the new movement of the ground-up. I don’t know...I think Chris just really liked playing trumpet (and/or) cornet.
The initial material really related to life, if you were on a boat, or worked in a hotel, like Shane and I did at the time.

We had some other stuff, like a floor tom with some trash in it, and some spray paint, and Chris had a bunch of stuff like a dictionary, and we spray-painted that and the cape. We record our first show on a video camera, and that appears in these recordings. Sounds like bad, but good bad too.

The second round includes Shan Egg and I with Leah Yeppi highlighting the vocals, playing banjo, banging keys and effex, and engineering the shit in a strange way. Shane and I came up with “GT Frame You Fucking Suck” on the way to record, when we saw some guy walking down the street either riding or carrying a GT mountain bike frame. One of said, “GT frame you fucking suck.” He heard us. We made it into a tape called: “OH! It Bites Me!”

Part 3 is some live recording a few years later when it was just Eric Weddle and I for the large part, and Shim on and off. Er’s horn action (trumpet and sax) is blasted well thru a cut down ancient quad fender amp.

E.W. and I moved on to record studio type ground sounds with Nhoj Daswon at White Ark. Things, like purpose, never really materialized, so these recordings have since sat, been fondled, and end up here in whatever form available from thy hard drive. There is also a few live tracks recorded by someone in PG Six. I like the way those sound.

I wanted to put together a disc or something and title it “Knights of the Ground Table”. But didn’t. The actual recordings sound great rad, but I went in over the course of time and mixed them around and screwed up a lot of the goodness. And that’s fine.

Ground-ups TNG featured Justin Clifford Rhody on trumpet and Clare Hubbard on saxophone. These could of been, and possibly were the best of times...I think I was drinking too much though. Here’s a few tunes from that, and I know there is more out there, but...

These appear via friends and relatives records as a cassingle, split with Crotch Council.
Shane was back on these tunes, at least some of them, and sometimes I can’t tell if it’s both or not. Regardless, it’s def jcr and Clare.

We’re still doing it...whoever we are.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Caked Up – the tasteful art of Kate Steffens

Kate is great. As is her whole damn family! Kate’s thing is cakes, and other sweets. She’s a pro at making them for both mouth and eye action...not eye action like you put the food in your eye, but rather the food is great to look at with your eye, then put in mouth.

Ms. Steffens folds in a variety of artistic direction. Among these, her application of musically motivated imagery seems to stand out most in my mind(s).
 Disraeli Gears gets the Straight Outta Chocolate treatment
From Fela Kuti to the Cure, she recreates album covers and other related imagery, and emblazons them onto this magic mouth/eye art. Powered with a mix of ingredients as eclectic as her influences, Kate makes great cake!

I’m not a fan of sweets...or at least I wasn’t before getting my mouth blown off by a few of these creations. I’ve since been lucky enough to happen upon her cakes and treats at openings and other events, and I’ve happily made the “I don’ t really like sweets, but...” exception, time after time.
Handpainted chocolate Cure cake
It’s a really fun visual and mouth attacking experience she puts on the table, so view more at her blog “Straight Outta Chocolate”, which is an absolutely amazing title. And you know how I feel about titles for things...or if you don’t, you will.

Trust me on the sweets, and if you’re into hearing some of the stars featured in her work, keep an eye out for her DJing efforts here locally (that means Los Angeles) as “Lady Kate”.

Rate Kate’s Cakes here:

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Village of the Damned- Wolf Rilla vs. John Carpenter

As a rule, I hate remakes of things. Especially classic films of outstanding quality, but this case has put my ethics to the test.

Thanks to John fucking Carpenter, I now have to reason between these 2 masterpieces of not-really-scary horror thriller movie things.

Wolf Rilla (awesome name)’s original 1960 version is favorite among the cache of films i put on and pay no attention to. We have a vhs copy. It’s unbending British-ness is a perfect match for the slightly eerie storyline, where the dry calm of the general tone nods to the very timely progression of the film.

Also, Barbara Shelley is great (though not near the confusing splendor of Judith O’dea in the UNCOLORIZED version of Night of the Living Dead...that’s kind of an apples and oranges type of thing but...).

John Carpenter’s 1995 remake comes strapped with some pretty heavy elements, which make this a hard decision. First off, the idiot who you think is gonna be the americana protag gets killed right off the bat, then enters a chain smoking Kirstie Alley complete with Kirstie Alley attitude problem.

The story moves much, much quicker in this version...but it kinda works i guess. There are some rad-ass John Carpenter signature glow effects where the little white haired terrors’ faces light up to the point where you can see their skulls, and Christopher Reeves gives his final and most spectacular performance as the doctor, who kinda replaces the professor from the original, but not so well...but he is in love with the lady from all the Crocodile Dundee movies.

To top it off, the drunk guy from Back to the Future plays the drunk in this movie....

And we get to see Mark Hamill blow his goddamn head off! (though it wasn’t at all graphic):)

As much as I love all the stupid shit John C. does, I’ve gotta stick with the original. Ethics the kids look a lot cooler in the original.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

the ballad of the shimano integer ff system...

Last year, j. shelley bought a bike, an early 80’s Schwinn Ladies World Tourist. It’s super cute.

The most interesting thing about it is the Shimano Integer FF System. It’s kinda like a freewheel crank system, which allows the rider to backpedal via freewheel action at the crank instead of the rear sprocket. The sprocket on the rear hub is actually fixed, meaning that it spins along with the back wheel no matter what.

I think the bike is a 5-speed, with index shifting made possible by Shimano’s primitive and unruly Positron derailleur. These things have a really bad reputation. Admittedly, the broken cable to the rear derailleur, which came with the bike, caused some cursing and head scratching. We solved the issue, and I dialed it in just short of the highest gear...4 out of 5’s not bad.

So, along with making back pedaling possible, the ff system also allows the rider to change gears while coasting. tasered.

Through doing research, I noticed the ff system gets dissed sometimes on bike forums and such, but I think it’s pretty rad, and I wish we had an extra one for experimentation!

I’m guessing that “FF” stands for “Front Freewheel”? (it even makes the freewheel clicky sound.)
By that measure, “Positron” translates to “Pain in the Ass”.

I like this bike.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Full Metal Alchemist vs. Slayers Next...

A few weeks ago i spent the weekend in, due to sickness, which at one point i
believed to be pneumonia, but it wasn’t. Anyway, with downtime afoot, i powered
my way through the 51-episode “Full Metal Alchemist” (herein referred to
as “FMA”) anime.
I picked it because of the title, and i had heard kinda good things about it a few
years ago. I also liked the title “Full Metal Panic”, which sucks, and the only
reason why i ended up watching Ranma 1/2 back in the day was because of the
episode titled “Smells Like Evil Spirit”. Apparently I’m driven been clever (in my
opinion) titles.
Luckily, FMA was totally taser factory, sans the final episode.
While watching though, I noticed a marked similarity in the story path, which
maybe runs through more magical fantasy type anime than I know.
To prove my point, I’ll place fma up against the slayers next series...

Both anime feature a protagonist duo...FMA’s Elric brothers, and Slayers’ Lena
and the dark-haired girl...
There is quite a bit of humor in both of series, which revolve around the
insecurities of the main magic wielding adventurer...the Full-Metal Alchemist
himself is down about comments concerning his height, while slayer Lena flips
the fuck out whenever anybody mentions her shortcomings in the area of breast

While there is an established goal that the protags are setting out to achieve,
these series both start off with a fairly episodical program, and the humor is front
and center.

But, as they progress, the both take on a more serious overtone, and the story
route begins to move into the “if-you-miss-an-episode-you’re-fucked” zone,
complete with “to be continue...”s and other cliffhangers.

And of course bittersweet endings that put forth questions about whether or not
the means justify the end, etc.

It seems to make for a pretty effective trick for sucking in viewers who just wanna
watch a few random anime episode and end up sticking around for the whole
damn thing. I mean, it got me good enough to waste my time writing this.

Netflix it if you got it...oh! and if you like anime.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

"entrance(d)" an installation and evening curated by (knee shy), featuring tres lingerie and bt magnum...

It’s almost time to say thanks here in the states by means of eating alotta food, and talking about the food, and talking to people that one might not talk to that family, if you have one...

But before you soak into some weird-ass food coma, join (knee shy) for a splendid evening of fun,
dancing, and generally getting free, at our upcoming show “entrance(d)

, our latest venture, is a one night only event and installation...we can easily refer to it
as a curated let’s.

On the evening of Saturday, November 20th, you can find (knee shy) in full form and dressed to
the dimes at Echo Park’s DIY Gallery...and we won’t be alone...
We’ve joined leagues with spectacular sound purveyors Tres Lingerie and BT Magnum to set the
night up/off right with their premier dance motivations.

The installation and dancing are free, and there is a cash bar, and other art in store...this is

looking like a winner. Come see for yrselves....

Here’s the plan, in further detail:

An interactive installation and evening by Los Angeles based art duo (knee shy), featuring the DJ
talents of the Bay Area’s Tres Lingerie and BT Magnum.

DIY GAllery
1549 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Opening Reception:
Saturday, November 20th
8:00pm – 12:00am

(knee shy), the Los Angeles based art duo of J. Shelley Harrison and Jeremy Kennedy, has
a definite penchant for the conceptual, the playful, and the interactive. Since 2006 they have
applied these working guides to subjects as unlikely and varied as atonal music composition and
parallel parking. With the their newest work, an installation titled “Entrance(d)”, the team holds
true to all of the above.

“Entrance(d)” is a one-time event, which rings more like a curated party than a standard art
opening. With a focus on dance parties and epic times, (knee shy)’s multi-faceted installation
aspires to create an atmosphere of open fun on the evening of November 20th at Echo Park’s DIY

The physical installation will sprawl in minimal and maximal pockets throughout the space
provided by DIY Gallery. The set-up will be accessible to the audience, and is built for interaction,

with elements such as photo ops complete with on-site, party soldiering photographers.

To thoroughly carry the theme through the evening, they’ve collaborated with Bay Area boogie/
disco funk DJ duo Tres Lingerie, and L.A.’s BT Magnum (of Beat Electric/Mezzanine fame) to
provide a fitting backdrop of sound.

As with many of their prior projects, the audience is intended to be as much a part of the piece as
any element designed by the artist. (knee shy) will be setting an inclusive stage for the practice
of chance theory, and extends an open invitation for those inclined to present a fashion forward
response to any dance and/or party spirit that calls to them.

With that in mind, it’s up to the crowd to complete the scene, and shape this style eccentric

For further details, please visit:

About (knee shy):

(knee shy) is the chosen moniker for the collaborative artwork of L.A. based artists J. Shelley Harrison and Jeremy
Kennedy. Work as a duo began in early 2006. Kennedy and Harrison chose to work together after examining the
similarities in their own personal working techniques, activities, and especially, their shared concepts and ideas.

The goal of this collaboration has always been to actively combine brainstorms, and use whatever means, or medium,
necessary to actualize them. In other words, they hold the concept as the center of attention. With this in mind, (knee
shy)’s artwork manifests itself in many forms.

Both artists have maintained solo careers, which expand into the musical arena. Harrison performs and records with the
experimental prog-pop band Horns of Happiness (Secretly Canadian Records), while Kennedy has been involved in a
number of groups ranging from punk rock to free jazz. He now pilots the FMSMPRC micro-label.

Whether it be 2-dimensional, performance, sculptural, a themed party, in a gallery, or site specific; this duo always has
a focus of playfulness and/or interaction. (knee shy) is especially interested in public art, art actions, and other means of
connecting art and audience.

To view full C/V, please visit:

About Tres Lingerie:

Originally a bi-coastal production and DJ duo fostered over the Internet between NYC and SF natives Johan Churchill
(French house music enthusiast) and Jordan Presnick (former punk rocker), Tres Lingerie recently reunited in the east

Jordan and Johan both attended Sarah Lawrence College where they participated in all the offerings of a fine liberal arts
education, which included access to a well-stocked electronic music studio. Like teenagers raiding their parents liquor
cabinet, Jordan and Johan became intoxicated with digital and analog synthesis and raided the infinite cool sounds from a
plethora of vintage and new high-end gear.

Now, in their own studio (Unrbanoculars) in Berkeley, the boys are busy tapping into those funky, fresh, old, and timeless
disco and soul sounds pioneered during the late 70's and 80's.

For more info, please visit:

About BT Magnum:

(from San Francisco Weekly)

The man behind the excellent events curated at (San Francisco’s) (arguably) best dance venue,
Mezzanine, and the Internet's go-to blog for old-school dance jams is one Brian Tarney. Party goers and
vintage-tune seekers may know him better as BT Magnum, Tarney's alter-ego, who runs about S.F. DJing
some of the best classic house, disco, and boogie parties, and writes regularly for Beat Electric. BT is a
veritable vault of knowledge when it comes to the smooth grooves and stellar tracks of the '80s, but he also
continues to keep a finger on the pulse of contemporary music that's inspired by those same sounds.

For more info, please visit:

Sunday, November 7, 2010

"see-thru" thong skirts - panther by hand + j. shelley harrison

here's some totally taser factory gripz from my favorite seamtress, panther by hand, in collaboration with j. shelley harrison. the "thong skirt"...we've got some of these at the house, and they are amazing.
...i guess the product started from a rumored skirt of the same type, but that turned out to not exist, until these lovely lady brought it to life a few years ago! 

i borrowed this post from panther by hand's blog, which features tons of good ol' greatness. check it out for more:
We were a big hit on the playground that day.
This was a collaboration with J. Shelley Harrison of kneeshy.
More Will Claytor pics.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

recent arrivals...

Friends are great! Especially whenever they make great things, and send them to you in the mail. Here’s a taser factory word on a few choice items that have recently hit the always crowded studio postal hole.

1. thee open sex- “on every street corner” (cassette - Magnetic South) My dear friend John Dawson holds an existence in the realm of sound, which transcends positives, negatives, and calls for distinctions of earthly makes. open sex is a solo recording effort, and a project, which has seemingly been building an encompassing live presence.

This channels subtle meditative progressions and rhythms that slow the rate of time. One moment you’re on a boat and the next you’re on the floor of your room, but it’s comfortable…file under: Beyond Everything.

2. Apache Dropout- “Do the Splendid Crown“ (7” – Magnetic South)

This record drips mid-western psychedelia in some unforgiving, all analog means. Crashing weirdo garage from Lord Fyre and a couple of Hot Fighters, which somehow carries rock n’ roll through waves of bottoming out and topping out and stuff. Come on! I mean they’re named after an Edgar Broughton Band song! Rippin’ Live…

3. Cloud Becomes Your Hand (cassette – Canada Goose Tapes) A new audio product from Brooklyn based Stephen Cooper. I’ve been pals with Steph for years, and have watched and listened to snips of his eclectic evolution thru various sound projects ranging from strange post-rock to free-improvised jazz, as well as the sculpture band Eagle-ager.

Years ago, I begged him to submitted a track from his video game inflected Portal project for a comp I was helping assemble. CBYH rings back to the Portal persuasion in his sensibility towards overall compositional structures. He builds soundtracks which bounce simple poppy hooks off highly pronounced multi instrumental formations, fleeting experimental placements, and technological utility.

4. Ground-Ups / Crotch Council- “who talks to my necklace?” (cassingle – Friends and Relatives Records) Ground-ups is a free-ish noisy hard jazz group, and various others throughout it’s fluttering little course. This tape features what i believe to be a free freak out from the Justin Clifford Rhody, Clare Hubbard, Shane Edge, and me period. Harsh horns / harsh drums!

Russian Tsarlag and Aurora Doreyalice as crotch council brings back some rad memories of shadow lake drownings and the time of my life. I always found Carlos’s voice oddly persuasive. Groan up, and Trash guitar / trash drum! Cover art by…Me!

5. EMERGE series (5 CD Set - THIT Sounds) Mr. Goatmother is one prolific and busy (goat)motherfucker, and the massively involved EMERGE series is ONE of the latest additions to his all media catalog for this year alone!

The Official Text: “The Emerge Series is a series of five album singles exploring "drones" and "emphasis" in the keys of C, D, E, G, and B. The packaging is all handmade. Each album also includes linear notes and a five color poster.”

This is entirely true. And for those with waning ideas surrounding “drone” and “emphasis”, prepare to re-write your mind. This is powerful art, and better-than-engaging.

*There’s more where that came from, but these are so taser, and most recently-est listened to.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a tribute to zane grey

I recently acquired a very large collection of books by zane grey. among other things, he reminds me how much i love the movie "the third man".
A tribute to Zane Grey

Bang bang, oh I’m a good guy.
Dammit, I’m a bad guy, huh?
Food? Water dammit! That’s what we need, some water.
You’re such a damn sheriff
about everything.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Plywood Curtains by Jennifer Bolande

I generally like Jennifer Bolande's art work. While the past few years, at least what i've seen, has kinda been on the hit or miss tip for me, I'm always drawn in by her conceptual directions. Love it. Taser F'in Factory. Perfect example is her site-specific Plywood Curtain installations around Los Angeles...Mainly utilizing unused commercial property...I can say as much about the effect as i can about the implied layers of concept, etc. They're beautiful. and apparently will be on view until sometime next year....I spotted the installation at the ICON, and decided to hit up the art reserve site for these images. thanks art reserve...

bigger thanks:

Saturday, October 2, 2010

2 notes about preparing things and readymade art...

i spend a great amount of time walking (with my feet). it's a good chance to put things on top of other things, or at least see things that are perfect for things to be put on top of, find things that are perfectly centered for one's own appreciation without the need of things put on top of it.
first, here's some fun google / googly photos from LA artist Corrie Siegel. i love this. reminds me of 2 of my favorite bands ever: fat worm of error and boredoms. it reminds me to put on one of their records. found. prepped. enough said, enjoy.view (much) more here:

secondly, me.i'm always the first to say that i'm a terrible photographer. i think i have even started conversations using that line. recently i've realized that the signs surrounding this mentality point in 2 directions:
1.nobody cares. doesn't matter.

so here we go. this is what i've been up to. i think they're fun and funny. i'll save the discussion on the duchampian approach, recoil, and other bullshit...view (abit) more here:

p.s.- corrie siegel is also involved with a fantastic, collectively run art space in LA's chinatown, called Actual Size. it's small!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

in search of space...

right! so i just walked down the california pizza oven that is sunset blvd, to vacation vinyl to witness the over-overwhelming white hills, for a free in-store performance (backed up by colt 45's promise of quality). what luck! instead of tears of joy, i should've been shedding some bucks for a performance of this intensity.
i, a former space rock guitarist (see: the mosaic fog...i.e.: you guys remind me of hawkwind), should been better equipped. i mean, their "heads on fire" was rad as fuck, and i guess now i need the self-titled piece from thrill jockey, but live, like this...doors were blown back. pure awesome!

good time for sure, as white hills plowed out heavy, heavy course settings with unabashed, continuous riff obsession, relentless electric swirl, and enough overtly tactful drum fills to smear action moments into oblivion.

they call brooklyn home, and any lines that can be drawn on the level of location sharing contemporaries mark only the best...oneida?...seeing a band like this, unbending under the influence of so many effe
cts, at ground level is always a treat. heavy psych / space rock junkies gotta be up on this, but regardless, check yr calendars for local dates!

it's pretty incredible to see one band save hard rock single handedly. totally taser factory.

white hills online? check it!

phil me up...

i know i'm not the first to use that dumb-ass title. screw it, it's late. anyway, after years of hearing folks cautiously approach the subject of phil collins and genesis with closet-y, speakeasy terms of admiration, it's great to see an influx of out and out phil collins fans.

Norwegian TV show Lydverket came up with some charming footage.

there are many us...but there has always been an equal or greater number of haters...which i can totally tolerate, but it's always been the closet cases that drive me up the wall.

just say it, man. it's fine. see, he looks like some guy i know in real life here.

is/was phil collins not cool? hip-hop artists apparently like him. is there an underlying reason to be ashamed of liking genesis, or the man himself? sure, he seems rather conceded, and not what i would call "warm"...actually, that sounds like me...who knows.
i'm sure this isn't the first time i've put the taser factory torch to mr. collins, and i doubt it'll be the last.

additionally, i am a fan of peter gabriel fronted genesis.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

book burning for dummies- from phiffer books

Finally! Book burning made easy...for normal folks, like you and i! That’s right bitches, you don’t have to be a lunatic from Florida (together with Utah and Alaska= the 3 states i can pick openly pick on as a Californian) to blaze some pages.

Seriously, this product by Jen Phiffer of Phiffer books is pretty hot...especially if used to full capacity, which i have had the pleasure of doing. Match book <> Book match, get it?! Simply remove from it's little match box home, and strike the this tiny guy, and voila! fire!

So, in celebration of the 1st amendment, 9/11, and fun, i highly suggest this product! I mean it’s only $12. Might as well join the crowd, or stock up for this time next year. A perfect gift for pyro writers...or just pyros, or just writers.

I’ve thoroughly discussed the possibilities of further research and extended products with Ms. Phiffer, so any idea thieves should feel free to step off.

Order here, and check the other bound products from Phiffer Books. Pretty taser factory stuff.

This is truly fun stuff.

Eat It.

Friday, September 10, 2010

david yow "SOLO" exhibition...closing reception.

recently, i have been impressed, again and again, by the quality of physical/visual artwork presented by folks who have built their notoriety (...and fame? fortune?) through other creative means (i.e.: acting, sound-making, etc.)...

what david yow has brought to the table is absolutely no exception...
{a bit of background>>>extremely energetic frontman for: scratch acid/jesus lizard/qui.}

in august, he opened his first solo exhibition, aptly titled "SOLO", here in los angeles, at echo park's DIY Gallery. it's a collection of visual work cut from a blend of the stuff that many will somehow interpret from his recorded styles and a deeper cutting into a very self contained, internal store...a things-i've-seen / how-i-saw-them type of view.

after digging a bit more, i found that i should've expected this. yow was a hangnail away from a BFA before punk rock hijacked the plane (yes, it is 9/11 weekend). i did recall some poster art here and there, and maybe an album cover or 2...but as a side note, yow has held it down for years doing photo retouching, a skill which pours through in parts of this set.
several pieces here contain subtle digital droplets, and with close (and prompted, for me) examination, the truth is right there in plain view. skin tones may prove to be actual skin tones, fly wings may be actual fly wings, and that other thing was definitely made out of image sections of a wasp, etc.

this is a fucking taser factory collection of solid fulfilling visual work...straight works...collaged out action...hanging on walls, and worth a view of your own. however, don't waste any time cuz the exhibition closes this weekend: SATURDAY. SEPT. 11TH!!!

here's some short details:

DIY GAllery

1549 West Sunset Boulevard 90026
Los Angeles, CA
Closing Reception September 11 2010
Doors Open @ 7:00 pm
and long
David Yow "SOLO" The works created for this show are rooted in Yow’s personal and psychological history, and feature a broad spectrum of mediums. From acrylic, pencil, charcoal, crayon, hair, bugs, collage, and tar on wood, to line drawings digitally combined with photographic textures, Yow reveals an uncommon artistic perspective.

Alongside the exhibition, drinks will be served on the back patio, Musical performances by Instant Pussy and Stepfather !!

In addition to original works for sale, DIY is offering signed prints of Yow’s poster for an August 2010 Queens of the Stone Age / Eagles of Death Metal fundraising concert for bassist Brian O’Connor, who has cancer. All proceeds from poster sales will go directly to Brian’s medical fund.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

THIT...sounds from the fantum jukebox.

about a year ago, goatmother industrial moved out of it's watery grave-type underground workshop beneath bloomington, indiana's russian recording studio....
that seems like a good thing. not that that was a bad thing before, but the action has been go ever since...not that it wasn't before...

screw it! i seem to not be able to write this intro, so here it is!

thit is it!the fantum headress from THIT.
thit is a new-ish addition to the golden glow which emanates from providence-based artist mark rice's ever-sprawling, preter-conglomo art DBA, goatmother industrial...probably one of the most taser factory things on the market.

this sound container is a super fun listen (via myspace for now), and it come decked out with corresponding imagery for each track. a neat package indeed, as many such deals throw-up too much, or fall stupidly short on effort. this is perfect-o, and it effectively relates the art mentality of mr. rice and the goatmother aesthetic. perhaps not in full, as there is ultimately way too much ground to cover there, but this cross section proves to be a fine testament/statement/thing.

so, go jam it out here THIT, and stop by to see the big picture or catch some updates on activities.

i recently received my own personal "kevinator" (the title of one of the tracks). i consider myself a lucky own personal kevinator.

"...did you ever consider randomly murdering dogs? i don't know?"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

doraemon lives!

after believing the doraemon solar powered car model had been dead for the past few years, i was proven wrong. doraemon lives!

though a bit weak, with barely enough strength to move itself across the small table (not the big table). this studio is obviously a haven for "green" technology.

i hear that the full scale version has been restored as well!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

sean "sci-fi" connery shit: ok, so i admit, we have netflix. blah, whateva... it's pretty rad in a town where video rental has taken a corporate color to an opaque degree.
it's cool for reasons like this...
i try, and succeed, at finding terrible movies, and recently i've come across a few sean connery fronted sci-fi titles that are simply terrific (terrible and terrific are interchangable terms for me, as many already know).
let's start with 1973's "Zardoz"...
... directed by john "Noxzema" boorman, this post-apocalyptic gem has our favorite scotsman running around in a smashingly revealing red leather get-up, chasing after a giant floating stone head. it looks great, but from what i can tell, the story line reads like a bad RPG. incredible!
there are many amazing quotes, many of which have been picked thru the years by outsider sound-making acts..."the gun good...the penis is bad...", etc.

next is "Outland"

, a more discernable low point in the post-Bond career. In 1981, somebody directed this, and actors went along with the idea. the result is a (quite) depressing inter-Sol knock off of "High Noon", which apparently won a Saturn Award...whatever that is. i love it, and that's what i'm trying to convey. my favorite part is when his wife leaves him, and then he talks to peter boyle. i would do the same...great minds think alike.

note: i'm plugging these movies. NOT netflix.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

aliens of the devil- a short informative video

as a part of the Not Ugly - Inner Beauty Pageant (part II), we presented, or did our best to present this brief video about aliens of the devil...remember...the band doesn't make any sound?! anyway, it's now online, and probably much easier to access than thru our technical difficulties the other nite. maybe and/or sorry! twas fun! and everybody involved with the event is entirely the best! and here it is...
narrated by Nhoj Daswon, with interview from Mr. Circa. publication himself...Jonathan Jay, with help from the wonderful Ms. Dyer and Ms Knoll...and there are a ton more thanks to hand out than I can gather here!

Monday, July 12, 2010

we like scissors.

we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors. we like scissors.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

free stuff sucks!

Thanks to a promotional gift from my internet service provider (ISP), I was able to start off my day with a trip to starbucks coffee... As a rule, I almost never buy coffee from shops. I like the coffee I make at home and feel that it is far superior to anything I can get anywhere else...besides that, I’m a cheapskate and believe that such expenditures are a waste. But driven by a lack of coffee beans, a certain urgency, and a gift card, I put on my flip-flops and headed out.

Going to a starbucks in los feliz is like taking a trip back in time. Time seemed to stall somewhere around 1997-99. The line was long, and as a result my head was filled with the ridiculous starbucks lexicon. Words and product descriptions that should never pass the seal of any starbucks store. These people were far too familiar with starbucks speak and thus I felt intimidated and then ultimately antagonistic as a result. They were also in much more of a hurry than I.

The crowd of Hollywood assholes, cultural stalemates, and demanding empty-headed prima donnas were offset by the staff consisting entirely of young Latinas. I felt at ease with their condescending glares and obvious joy in denying patrons of unreasonable demand. And I believe there was a slight connection between us when I simply requested a “Large Coffee”.
After procuring my “Large Coffee”, I rushed out, nearly knocking over a young lady with a retrofitted haircut.

Largely, this was not my fault. The slight nudge I gave her at the door was simply compounded by the gravitational effects in play due to the apparent disproportional weight scenario between her bag and her body.

I decided not to take a sip until I return home. To avoid spilling the coffee on the walk back I had to hold the 24 oz. Cup awkwardly out in the front of me. I passed by the usual cast of homeless on my normal path of alleyways and shortcuts home. I felt like a total asshole with my starbucks cup prominently displayed. Even more of an asshole than I normally feel like with my clean clothes and whatnot.

Now I’m drinking the coffee. It’s not that bad. I still have $3 left on the gift card.

Monday, July 5, 2010

not ugly - inner beauty pageant

j-e-remy of d-e-vil with the "background suicide" EP.
not ugly, an extremely multi-faceted inner beauty pageant/talent show/installation/etc., kicked off with it's opening reception last saturday (july 3rd) at DIY GAllery here in wonderful little los angeles. there was plenty of totally taser factory art, performances, and other fun by aliens of the devil, stepfather, the steffens too, collin manning, eddie pepitone, gregg lopez, and others, all curated by the lovely danielle collins.

devon steffens with photos.j. s-h-elley of d-e-vil with 2 fanged up cats.
though the opening is in the bag, the show is still rolling throughout the month of july (during the gallery's open hours), and comes to a spectacular close on saturday july 31st with the second installment of art action pageantry!

aliens of the devil, the new non-audio thrash/dub band from (knee shy), is thrilled as a clam to be a part of the whole goddamn thing! one offering we have conjured up is our new limited edition EP: “Background Suicide”, which features visual remixes of 4 rad songs by 4 killer bands with the word “suicide” in their name (you can probably guess at least one).

if you missed it the first time around, stop by the gallery when they're open, or mak
e a note to check out round 2 on the 31st! there will be more performances, including the aliens of the devil infomercial!

good epic times....

devon steffens with elbow x-ray.
FROM NOT UGLY::: NOT UGLY Inner Beauty Pageant @ DIY GAllery 1549 West Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90026 • 213.977.9602 NOT UGLY Inner Beauty Pageant is an exhibit of literary and artistic works published from within our Athenaeum. This first in a series, celebrates those who might go unnoticed due to their natural breast size or their ability to spell potato. We spotlight the splendor of the truth, the strange and the marvelous with staged and framed works that document the high road taken by each of the multi-sexy contestant chosen to compete for The Audience Award and purse of $500. Make your vote count for Keith Niles, Eddie Pepitone, Gregg Lopez, Kate and Devon are The Steffens Too, and Aliens of the Devil stars Jeremy Kennedy & Shelly Harrison. Additional works and support from artists Colin Manning, Terril Lewis, Ben Phen, Peter Soby Jr., STEPFATHER'S Ian Jay, Josh Achziger, Gabriel Mounsey, Danielle Collins and from our host Roger Steffens. Each person that steps into the gallery will receive a Voting Ballot and a Program that describes the Talent and the Art Auction.

Tickets are $10, come with a cocktail and are good for the Talent Show on July 3 and the Talent Show on July 31st. Entrance is $0 from 7-9p. Space is limited. You can reserve tickets in advance at:

July 3 • Vote, Art Auction @ 7p with a Talent Show part1 at 10p

July 31 • Vote, Art Auction @ 7p with a Talent Show part2 at 10p

DIY GAllery is open to Vote or Bid on Art Auction Tue-Sat 12pm-6pm

The winner of the Pageant and Art Auction is announced at midnight July 31.

See you there and thank you for supporting art in America.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

(knee shy) - "(a)Tonal Destruction's the Only Solution" - Now Available

FMSMPRC Presents:
(a)Tonal Destruction’s the Only Solution

By: (knee shy)

Format: limited edition CD-r in one of a kind handmade packaging

Catalog #: FMSMPRC26

In early 2010 (knee shy), the chosen moniker of the collaborative workings of Los Angeles based artists j. shelley harrison and jeremy kennedy, presented an art/sound installation titled “the Sound of Wall” at Origami Vinyl, a record store/performance space in LA’s Echo Park community.

The piece itself was essentially a large wall mounted string instrument built specifically for the space. The 7-section unit contained in total 111 strings, some strung properly and others prepared with a variety of objects. Amplified both electrically and naturally, it filled the roll of several traditional instrument variants, and encouraged the use of extended technique and improvisation.

“(a)Tonal Destruction’s the Only Solution” was not recorded on “the Sound of Wall”, but during the process of building the piece. The creation of the piece required (knee shy) to look to a number of existing instruments for ideas and more importantly, parts and components. Subsequently, many of these instruments were altered, broken, and otherwise cannibalized by the assemblage.

One such instrument was an upright spinet piano from 1964, the main source of sound during this recording. Starting with the improper removal of the piano’s keys and ending with the cutting of each string inside the body, this field recording captures the torturous and methodic disembowel in its entirety.

Atonal blasts compound with dying chirps as a result of the physical destruction, guided with a mix of care and chaos. Armed with an array of pliers, hammers, saws, snips, and other instruments of destruction, (knee shy) programs an instant arrangement birthed as much in chance as in crafted strokes of violence.

The wood and components taken from the instrument itself have been reused by the artists as raw materials for 4 separate projects to date, including the packaging for this limited release. Other pieces of note include (knee shy)’s “the Sound of Wall”, and j. shelley harrison’s “keys to an eighty-eighth”.

The originally noted “Sound of Wall” installation’s opening event featured an improvised performance, dedicated to Luc Ferrari (whose 83rd birthday coincided with the event), played on the assemblage. (knee shy) sees this as a pre-extension of that composition, and a tribute to Ferrari’s fielding efforts.

“(a)Tonal Destruction’s the Only Solution” is now made available by FMSMPRC as a limited edition release of 30, in a variety of packaging created by the artists from materials recycled from the original piano.

Tyco Riley- (2010)


(knee shy):