Friday, August 28, 2009

tara donovan

i've just been turned to this awesome work from n.y. artist tara donovan!
terrific use of materials (note the straws and styrofoam cups!) and the chill effect!

for the full looking-at-stuff-online effect, check out her page at the ace gallery website:

thanks anna for cluing us in!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"pony 3 fkup"--by: jeremy kennedy

life has been super hectic with moving preperations, moving, working, and just trying to live and sleep of course, i decide to plan and complete a whole new series of paintings amidst all this noise!
the product:

"pony 3 fkup"
a 9 piece collection of new paintings.pony 3 fkup (30x30")

fedz (30x2?")
pony 3 fkup #3: telecaster (48x24")
a.safer.crush. (28x26")joe's gym job (30x26")

*the "pony 3 fkup" series is now a part of the private collection skip van cel.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

california dreamin'... probably one of my favorite oldie-pop songs ever. it's also my current state of mind. j. shelley is already out there and for the past few weeks every moment and action has been devoted to the move.

we did find the time to have some fun, and throw down one last (knee shy) performance piece here in bloomington. we presented "no, thank you" at the open house for bloomington's new saving grace venue "the ritual room".

i will put some video up as soon as i get a copy!

back to work.