Thursday, May 8, 2014

mailbag dayz...

yep, mail is extremely taser!
recent inbox finds at table-blue...
black cumin honey, cloth, gum, salt and peppa shakers (anne, doha), rough house melty men (goatmother, philly), fabio - the book (yeppi, bloomington).

pals populate my place with plenty of proper pleasantries... get postal with yr pals, mail ricochets!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fabio - The Book

The phenomenon, the man, the message...
That's right, it's the fucking fabio-so Fabio book (first edition!).
Thanks again to the forever taser Leah Yeppi, and her un-fuck-with-able ability to search out such gems... and send them to me!
With this, the Iron Eagle Original Soundtrack Book, and all the stuff inbetween, she is helping to slowly turn my studio into a Little Brown Mushroom-type repository of crazy-ass printed rarities.
Fabio. I read it. He seems like a decent dude.
I try never to be a hater of wild bulky weirdos...especially after somebody told me Dolph Lundgren was a total sweetheart and all around cool guy. That benefit of the doubt thing, or whatev's.

Monday, February 24, 2014

blue cut dynamite - one in a hundred

oakland based artist j. shelley harrison is one in a million, and blue cut dynamite is but one in her efforts to create one hundred thematic tumblr blogs.

while her growing list consists largely of personal and inter-personal conversations built on title driven concepts that flow free from birth, blue cut dynamite stands apart as it documents a continuing collection of tasered-up tangible artwork.

way well noted as one of my favorite print-makers (and collaborators), this ongoing collage work totes kills. she puts the e's in eye, and the t's in talent for titling...titling, which is stated as her goal in this series of one hundred.

fullness here: blue cut dynamite

Sunday, February 23, 2014

selfiecity - the science of selfies

my favorite type of research... over the top data collection, analysis, and theoretic perspectives on a subject that seemed so whatev's and trivial like a blink ago.

encompassing locale, age, gender, smiling, and even head tilting. this goes above and beyond. #taserfactory for f'ing sure.

check it in full:

Thursday, February 20, 2014


A few nights ago, a friend and I did a test drink of these new printed coasters from the Goatmother himself --- Mr. Mark Rice.

They performed brilliantly, and include some of my all time favorite terms to shout out when things are taser! 
Translation available upon request.