Wednesday, January 25, 2012


so, seeing as how i managed to skip any "best of 2011" action a few weeks back, i thought i'd pull out one item that did cross my mind for such a run-down...

best cover art i've seen in a damn minute: 
NO - "Don't Worry, You'll Be Here Forever"

this is a more appropriate way of celebrating this particular taserness, since it's kind of a 2011/2012 type of deal. i got the online version last year, but the physical 12" is coming very soon. they're in pre-order mode right now, more info here:

simple is best...kinda like the band name. 
behind the rad cover art, you can find a very taser band...can't wait to have it on the shelf. 
your radar should be beeping.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

scoot scoot.

so, i'm not attempting to make taser factory 80's-ccentric or anything (see: simon & simon post below), but tubeway army and my new t'pau- "heart and soul" 12" have recently been getting a lot of play time in the studio, and things just...happen.

however, i've developed a fascination with 80's scooters. scooters of action. scooters of the future. space scooters (thinking tom selleck in "runaway", or robotech: saga 2)...

my research turned up some tasered up honda scooter commercial campaign featuring some true bad-asses: miles davis, devo...

and grace jones and adam ant...

as well as that "dog-faced obstructionist" lou reed...

fuck you, lou, i enjoy walking...i wonder if he rides this to band practice with metallica?

it didn't take long to fill up my desktop with taser factory imagery galore!

tf: do you want one?
jk: fuck yeah!
tf: would ride it around?
jk: fuck yeah!, no!? ...well maayyyybe.

there will definitely be a new scooter division at united eggroll.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

simon & fuckin' simon...

hands down the best show ever. 
with the best theme song ever. we used to jam this right before doing something really stupid...check out the bad-ass truck and the part where rick busts out of a burning shack in a piece of construction equipment:

here's a taste-uh...features rick, a.j., short shorts, san diego, and "marathon" music:

this is what taser factory was born from/for. eat it.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

new year, new project - rebel hands press.

today, instead of reflecting on 2011, which would undoubtedly be marred by negativity and dwight yoakam videos from youtube, i've opted for taking an initial glance at what 2012 has in store. 
the perfect fix for a new year is a new project. enter rebel hands press...

during the summer months of last year, jeff moerchen, david smith, and i put together a shiny little project revolving around the film Point Break, which culminated in a book titled "the Point Break is..."
the success and excitement from that project poured over into the founding of rebel hands press:
Rebel Hands Press is an independent publisher of books, and possibly other items, with a leaning towards art, photography, and great ideas. Established via phone, Rebel Hands exists in the roaming mind and pockets of Jeff Moerchen (Right Hand) and the cramped Los Angeles studio of Jeremy Kennedy (Right Hand). When the idea is right, we do something.

so this year we'll be moving comfortably forward with this venture. in the time leading up to now, we've been able to reinforce our catalog with 2 new books, along with the "the Point Break is..." project. a totally taser way to start things off. 

meet the new books:
photographs: Jeff Moerchen      Tyrone Toral :layout
Zephyr is an attempt at continuous photographic seeing, a document of memories. It is not cohesive, a timeline, or thematic but a document of what I see as a photographer. Similar to the blur of flipping through channels of a television these images are nonsequiturs that if strategically organized gain significance. Simply put these are pictures about taking pictures. 

thirty two page newspaper,  215 black and white images.
materials: newsprint, black ink
measure: ~17x22

by: jeremy kennedy
a collection of selected comments from a former collegiate cheerleader concerning her personal views and recollections from high school and coming of age in the sports culture. set with xeroxed images.

sixteen pages, black and white.
materials: xerox on plastic core book-block.
measure: ~4x6

check out the site:
and/or follow us on facebook or tumblr, as there will be updates for sure.