Wednesday, August 25, 2010

doraemon lives!

after believing the doraemon solar powered car model had been dead for the past few years, i was proven wrong. doraemon lives!

though a bit weak, with barely enough strength to move itself across the small table (not the big table). this studio is obviously a haven for "green" technology.

i hear that the full scale version has been restored as well!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

sean "sci-fi" connery shit: ok, so i admit, we have netflix. blah, whateva... it's pretty rad in a town where video rental has taken a corporate color to an opaque degree.
it's cool for reasons like this...
i try, and succeed, at finding terrible movies, and recently i've come across a few sean connery fronted sci-fi titles that are simply terrific (terrible and terrific are interchangable terms for me, as many already know).
let's start with 1973's "Zardoz"...
... directed by john "Noxzema" boorman, this post-apocalyptic gem has our favorite scotsman running around in a smashingly revealing red leather get-up, chasing after a giant floating stone head. it looks great, but from what i can tell, the story line reads like a bad RPG. incredible!
there are many amazing quotes, many of which have been picked thru the years by outsider sound-making acts..."the gun good...the penis is bad...", etc.

next is "Outland"

, a more discernable low point in the post-Bond career. In 1981, somebody directed this, and actors went along with the idea. the result is a (quite) depressing inter-Sol knock off of "High Noon", which apparently won a Saturn Award...whatever that is. i love it, and that's what i'm trying to convey. my favorite part is when his wife leaves him, and then he talks to peter boyle. i would do the same...great minds think alike.

note: i'm plugging these movies. NOT netflix.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

aliens of the devil- a short informative video

as a part of the Not Ugly - Inner Beauty Pageant (part II), we presented, or did our best to present this brief video about aliens of the devil...remember...the band doesn't make any sound?! anyway, it's now online, and probably much easier to access than thru our technical difficulties the other nite. maybe and/or sorry! twas fun! and everybody involved with the event is entirely the best! and here it is...
narrated by Nhoj Daswon, with interview from Mr. Circa. publication himself...Jonathan Jay, with help from the wonderful Ms. Dyer and Ms Knoll...and there are a ton more thanks to hand out than I can gather here!