Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sorry, Pringles, but Ramens want their Chickens back.

Right, I'm constantly amused by the latest ridiculous products dreamed up by such "food" companies. Endless absurdity fuel...totally taser.
Then this happened:

Pringles Nissin Top Ramen Chicken Flavor

"Everyone’s had those late-night moments pondering life’s deepest questions such as: “What would happen if ramen and Pringles combined?” Well, wonder no more because the answer is straight-up deliciousness. Straight out of a Pringles can. Available for a limited time this summer exclusively at Dollar General locations nationwide."

I got a kick out many of their previous efforts such as:
-Grilled Shrimp Flavor
-Bruschetta Flavor
-Soft Shell Crab Flavor
-Yogurt... Bacon Caesar Salad, Cola... Blueberry and Hazelnut? (Actually that one makes me gag when I think about it.)

But who the fuck loves Top Ramen so much that they wanna eat a uniformly curved disc of dried potato puree that tastes like it? Maybe they love the flavor but find that ramen noodles are just too wet? I mean if you want Top Ramen, then why not just buy Top Ramen for fucks sake? It's like $.25 a pack or something, where as a can of Pringles is like $2.00-ish?

Finally, why is this incredible limited time only product exclusively available at Dollar General stores?!

I do have to give Pringles a hi five for their old commercials, where they pushed their not-so-oily quality by showing a guy eating a bag of normal potato chips wiping his "chip hand" across the chest of his silk shirt. Very taser!

*To whom it may concern: If Pringles is hiring people to come up with this stuff, please tell me where to submit my resume.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

a kennedy wishlist...

Sure, the holidays have passed, as well as my birthday, but I feel gift giving knows no season.
Here are 2 items I want, need. No, actually just want:

This would be the perfect pet for me. Considering my lifestyle, animals are a non-starter and I continually turn down offers of free plants to kill. 
Yes, my studio looks exactly like this, minus the kid, the woman, the furniture, the plant, the rug, and the hardwood floor.
Thought about Alexa, but it's creepy and I obviously still remember how to type, plus the tile floors of my studio don't clean themselves.
Remembering not to step on something and occasionally glimpsing an autonomous thing roaming about the rooms both inform my sense "compassion".
Some models talk when upset, which I like. Already have a name in mind: Coat Rack.

2. A new foot scrubbing brush thing.

As a pedestrian, feet are essential to maintain. The handle on my old one broke.
As a last ditch measure, I resorted to using a Stanley rasp. Actually, pretty effective! 
But, the right tool for the right job.

*Cognac and Hendricks gin are, of course, always welcome.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

the/oral: oral music histories and interesting interviews

THEORAL - "...a collection of oral history of the creative music scene (improvised, experimental, new music, jazz, &c.)..."

Though only 2 books deep into the current 13 published, the words have thus far offered up views for terrific consideration which, for me, expand beyond the zones of thought on creative music, in terrific outbound directions.
Taser reading for sure, incredible lineup in the collection, highly recommended.
theoral #12: hamid drake/william parker + theoral #11: laura altman/monica brooks/andrew choate
The Oral hovers around Nickelsdorf, near the Austria-Hungarian border, which flares up annually w/ the outstanding Konfrontation Festival (which I sadly missed an op to attend last year).

As things happen, I had the opportunity to perform a piece w/ Andrew Choate at an event featuring a talk by the/oral editor Philipp Schmickl last year in Los Angeles.

Terrific show, and a wonderful hang afterwards at my studio where in a grand twist, Philipp and I discovered that we share the same birthday, same year, same day: 01/01/1980! He and Karin are amazing folks who I hope to meet again. Here or there!


thought i was hitting peak loafer...
thought last year's "el nino" would quell the addiction, at least a tad....
but no.
people often comment on the mound of loafers near the door in my studio. little do they know, like an iceberg, the bulk of the collection is hidden in the closet.
loafer hound for life.

special shoe envy award goes to lunch skirt for these totally taser green flats.
for some reason they never fail to improve my mood and general outlook on life.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

live: borbetomagus

happy there was a container of complimentary earplugs at the entrance. this is the only 2nd time in my life i've felt i needed (had) to wear them.
stole this from the wire. as a rule, i don't take photos at shows.
i've listened to and appreciated these cats over the years, heard tales and read about their performances, but none of it prepared me for this live sound experience.
no ceremony, just an unrelenting blast of what these guys do from the instant the light turned green, until they stopped doing it. feel like i learned something.

this documentary (below), which lit the wick for the evening, was pretty good too. chris corsano's cameo was really funny.

POLLOCK Official Trailer from Jef Mertens on Vimeo.

*also, scoured my place for the past 2 weeks searching for a very old borbetomagus cassette... dang.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Air Bud: Convincing Fan Art

Bud shimmy, Bud shutter, Bud sores...

A delightful find sent to me by the Goatmoither! Holding in my hands the heartfelt sentiment of the one who so lovingly (re)produced this cover art, I feel the pains of defeat and triumph.
Unsure if it's dog football or dog frisbee, but I want to be touched. Who has a VCR??!!??

P>S>: Always trust the Kansas Citysun.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

planning yr last meal - w/ automne zingg + joseph ploeg

Well, at like about the same time that Mark Rice and dropt our weird food book, this happened…

Comfort Eating With Nick Cave: Vegan Recipes To Get Deep Inside of You

Defensive Eating With Morrissey: Vegan Recipes From The One You Left Behind

These two delicacies combine the darkly humorous illustrations of Automne Zingg (aka: lacey space cake) with vegan recipes from chef Joseph Ploeg… 

Automne was already in like my top 3 of folks werkin’ over-the-moon style clever and cynical commentary, but to view it in such pro as fuck presentation is a joy!

These vegan versions of quality classics by Mr. Ploeg set page to page with her hilarious representations of two of the most bleak, heart-evoking icons will have you crying tears of laughter into your warm bowl of “Mac-N-Cheez For One”.

This combo meal kills, but will definitely make you reconsider it all just for one. more. bite.

My personal go-to comforter...

Recommended you stop looking over the menu and order something:

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"Lil' Help?" : A Charming yet Challenged Version of the American Masculine Kitchen

Thrilled about having this brand new flippable guide through next level foods and the consideration of, all finished up and out in the world! Had a terrific time launching this proper style at Open Press 2016 here in Los Angeles last weekend! Taser event, can't even...
Lil' about:
Straddling the fence between menus of possibility and absurdity, two artists tackle cuisine idealistically with what they are given and what they’ve absorbed. Presented in a stylish, e-z to use table top format.
Comes packaged in screen-printed literature mailer box, with exclusive sticker.
*Neither Goatmother Industrial nor Rebel Hands Press take responsibility for like anything.
~ 19 page, full color, ring bound table display, with screen-printed cover on chipboard.

~ Measure - 13h x 6w x 5d

~ Edition - 39

Think we done good...
Check it out over here:

A few bonus process shots!
In a terrifying grid!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

E.L.P.... minus the E.

tarkus-ing this mourning...

srsly some my fave cover art EVER.

everytime, everything about this record, i'm still like what the fuck. really...?!
thanks for the terrific work.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

street terms: vol. 1

thought i'd put a lil more spark on this recent action...

Street Terms, Vol. 1
Artists: Elaina Morgan + Jeremy Kennedy
Photography: Rebecca Ramirez
In photographic form, Street Terms, Vol. 1 is the first in a series of art books cataloging the collaborative language-twisting works by artists Elaina Morgan (Brooklyn, NY) + Jeremy Kennedy (Los Angeles, CA).

Each installment is catalyzed by a coincidental encounter with a tangible, incomplete set of characters. Utilizing only what's included in their alphanumeric find, the artists create a collection of succinct absurdist meditations on contemporary culture and city life.

Vol. 1 features arrangements of mirror-polished brass letters discovered in the wilds of Echo Park, Los Angeles and shot on verdant turf by photographer Rebecca Ramirez.

~ 26 page full-color book (saddle-bound)
~ materials - matte cover stock, matte photo stock
~ measure - 6" x 8"
~ edition - 44

the launch party was in full effect w/ a taser soundtrack by llull and our "street terms: live!" interactive installation (both pictured below).
huge thanks to everyone who joined in, and insert blanc press for graciously hosting at outside gallery. we find ourshelves w/ a few fewer of this... launched, loaded, and still stocked! 
looking fwd to vol. 2 coming  soon!
check out for a full scoop.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

the taser side(s) of the world- drawings by rob hessler

my fandom for this fellow has been there from the moment i locked eyes w/ his work.
not only the work, but as a person, the experience is so damn taser.
a few years laters, and now with ~2,400 miles of distance between us, my incredible appreciation of this work has done nothing but grow.
(funny how that happens)
flipped worlds, feathered scopes, and re-revisited historical scapes... mr. hessler cleverly pulls together forever stare-at-able pieces in insanely exacting detail, with enough conceptual presence to draw plenty o' inkwell dry.
these grabbed photos are just a tease...
 not even the most intense, just a couple of faves. seeing rob's work in person is enough to make my wrist cramp, instant carpal tunnel vision....the amount of fancy, pen technique (to his own) involved in this action breaks my brain.

here's the online, a lot to offer. he's out there often, many cities... grab it live when/if you can.
drawings by rob hessler