Saturday, November 5, 2016

planning yr last meal - w/ automne zingg + joseph ploeg

Well, at like about the same time that Mark Rice and dropt our weird food book, this happened…

Comfort Eating With Nick Cave: Vegan Recipes To Get Deep Inside of You

Defensive Eating With Morrissey: Vegan Recipes From The One You Left Behind

These two delicacies combine the darkly humorous illustrations of Automne Zingg (aka: lacey space cake) with vegan recipes from chef Joseph Ploeg… 

Automne was already in like my top 3 of folks werkin’ over-the-moon style clever and cynical commentary, but to view it in such pro as fuck presentation is a joy!

These vegan versions of quality classics by Mr. Ploeg set page to page with her hilarious representations of two of the most bleak, heart-evoking icons will have you crying tears of laughter into your warm bowl of “Mac-N-Cheez For One”.

This combo meal kills, but will definitely make you reconsider it all just for one. more. bite.

My personal go-to comforter...

Recommended you stop looking over the menu and order something:

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