Saturday, December 13, 2008

snake crane secret (1976)

at $2.99, this is by far the best bargain bin dvd i have ever purchased.
the synopsis on the back of the case is fantastic in the sense that it
has absolutely nothing to do with the plot of this film.
what really makes this film work is the overdub. the main antagonist
comes equipped with a severe texan drawl. there are also tinges of
austrailian, gargamel, david carradine, and british.
it’s a tale of two brothers, one of which practices the snake style of kung-fu, while the other practices crane style. the secret is, when they fight together they totally hurt people.
i like to play this disc while i work in my studio, because it doesn’t really make a difference if i pay attention. if you happen upon this at the grocery store or a gas station, i suggest buying it... as long as it’s under $4.00
by the way, it stars fei meng. he was in other great kung-fu films of comparable quality. including, “kung fu: the punch of death”. i bought that
one because of the tagline: “every punch hurts... but the last one is the punch of death”.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

give the gift of cheap art

Holiday Studio Sale

(art and bargain from local art stars)

friday dec. 12th
@ robb stone studio
1017 s. walnut st.

friday night sale forecast:
Expect prices starting as low as $5-$10 on both recent and older works from bloomington based artists: robb stone, j. shelley harrison, mark rice, jeremy kennedy, anne roecklein, amy karr, and others. All of your favorites in the right place, at the right price! There will a 99.7% chance of paintings, prints, sculpture, apparel, drawings, and other art objects. Everything marked way below the gallery tags!
If you're one of the many who choose to give "things" to "people", why not give original artwork! On top of that, 10% of proceeds will be going to the Monroe County Community Kitchen! This is a great idea, and you’ll save money, and you’ll help people!
Come over to robb stone studio and check this action out. It’s a sale and a party. mike a. will be djing and we will be providing refreshments (limited). If you don’t know, robb stone studio is at 1017 s. walnut st. right next to russian recording and across from the motorcycle shop.
See you there!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


photo by william winchester claytor
these totally taser factory skirts are available from panther by hand
"A few years back there was a rumor floating around on the internet that the newest fashion rage in Japan were skirts printed to look like you could see through the backside. I was overjoyed and waited patiently for the style to hit the streets in the U.S., but to no avail. Only recently did I learn that the photos were, sadly, a hoax. (Check out However, with the help of J. Shelley Harr
ison over at, these skirts were brought into reality. The material is a heavy polyester blend with a bit of stretch to it and a side zipper."
-from panther by hand

aside from this fun greatness, panther by hand offers other fantastic apparel for f & m. I know it’s going over pretty well locally when the person in line in front of me at the grocery has a p.b.h. wallet similar to mine…I wonder if we have the same underwear?

first post / "parking permit"

wow! the opening entry…
the goal: to profile some things and actions of interest. this is also a great opportunity to let the word out about some stuff I’ve been involved in with (knee shy) and jinjonjim art and some others.

there is also a build up of past work. so I’ll bust out the occasional retrospective spotlight. until recently, the documentation has been kept in our specially sealed archives, privy only to our pals and the random “art official” who needs proof that we have done “things”, so that we might be allowed to do more “things”.
it’s goes something like this…

parking permitphoto by either harris or brandon from coaches.
“parking permit" (8/10/8)
by: (knee shy)
the whole idea was great fun. assemble a crowd of people to watch someone parallel park a car.
the opening reception began at 4:47pm on the sidewalk between 6th + 7th st. on walnut in Bloomington. (knee shy) provided a full spread of food and refreshments.
at 5:00pm sharp, local sound makers jason and nicole groth-evans pulled up to the reserved spot. with calming sounds of classical music blaring from their audi station wagon, they waved to the applauding crowd while photographers surrounded the vehicle.
the parking began, and within a few moments, it was complete. jason exited the car to more applause. shelley and I met the starring couple for a handshake and hug photo op.
the end.
we are still in shock over how many came out! it would seem that we are not the only ones in town who find parallel parking exciting. big big special thanks to jason and nicole groth driving down and showing us how it's done.
the video has just been posted here.