Sunday, September 30, 2012

giant fail statue

adel abdessemed's new giant "headbutt" statue is pretty taser factory for sure...
it captures one of french soccer star zidane's most memorable, but not necessarily shining moments. the scene chosen by abdessemed is from the 2006 world cup final between france and italy, where zidane, in the last outing of his career, headbutted an italian player.
he was red carded, which subsequently led to a win for the italian team.

love it, but after reading abdessemed's comments on the piece, it left me wishing for a different direction. initially, i thought it was celebration of failure. a reversal of statues celebrating great moments and good things and success.

i really like that idea and can imagine all the great fails in sports history that could be immortalized in similar manner...but that's not what the artist had in mind. 

fuck it. it's still totally taser.
so is a bunch his other stuff:

Monday, September 24, 2012

shangrila, joshua tree, ca 2012

rad excuse for a desert weekend with my friend diane. this little compound out in joshua tree hosted a fine show and party. saw some good work and met some good folks. 

the trip out there from la is ass, unless you love low-rise, throw-up hot, bleak towns.

stayed in pioneertown. very well worth it. especially after witnessing a lesbian fronted country/folk/klezmer band ripppp up a high velocity cover of purple rain, crossing over to hava nagila as a breakdown, aimed directly at the ladies attending a bachelorette party.

the desert seems like a great place to do things. 2013? would love to.