Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Aliens of the Devil- Band= Yes / Sound= No

(knee shy), together with the help of imaginary and non-imaginary friends, bring you "aliens of the devil" (herein referred to as AotD)...a band that doesn't make sound. this project seems to be creating a good deal of questions, along with confusion. so, allow me a moment to break this down as simply as possible...
1. Q-Is AotD a band?

2. Q-Does AotD make any sound?

3. Q-Does AotD have any songs?

4. Q-What the fuck? How does that work?
A-Our songs and song ideas are actualized through graphic design images and composites, not sound.

5. Q-That sounds fun...but how can you call yourselves a "real band"?
A-Check it, pal! We do everything a "real band" does, only without sound. We write songs. We record these songs in the form of images. These images are compiled into collections, and each collection is an album. We play shows by exhibiting these images. AotD is a fully functioning band with the ability to have fans, merchandise, go on tour, be reviewed by pitchfork, etc.

6. Q-Is Tiger Woods really in the band?

A-Yes, but not the one you are thinking of.

here's the long form version:
During the waning months of 2009, (knee shy), the moniker for collaborative work by artists j. shelley harrison and jeremy kennedy, created a new project titled: “Aliens of the Devil”.

The Aliens of the Devil project is an amalgamous art/sound entity, essentially a band, but with a conceptual twist to it’s function. Steeped in the more absurd side of both of our respective artistic aesthetics, AotD can possibly be described as: alter-ego art project in the guise of a thrash-metal/hardcore band influenced by reggae with a strong interest in chinese folklore, turn experimental noise duo hiding behind graphic design.

Currently, Aliens of the Devil have yet to write, perform, or record any sounds, and it is quite possible that we never will (directly). In place of this seemingly essential element of being a musical entity, we have replaced songs with 2-dimensional graphic designs. These composite images are meant to serve as a visual representation of what the songs would sound like, or how the sound is visually conceptualized.

In continuation of this attitude, we are planning to complete the picture of being a band. This will involve developing our identity and career in a way that emulates the normal process and marketing of a group or artist which traditionally makes sound. Aliens of the Devil will have albums (collections), songs (pieces), and shows (exhibitions), and so on. Here is an example:

We are currently in the process of recording (designing) the debut AotD full length record (collection): “Poison in the Blade”. Each track on the new record is represented by a graphic design image, complete with ‘song title’, ‘track time’, etc. These pieces are actualized as archival ink-jet prints on 12 inch LP record sleeves. The release party for “Poison in the Blade” will be an exhibition of all these pieces, which represent each track on the album. And, just as the sound has been interpreted as images, the exhibition is interpreted as a performance, wherein AotD will be ‘performing’ every song on the new record by displaying the corresponding images to an audience.

So, if you like the idea of audio-lizing....check Aliens of the Devil. It's like being scratched by the long, black fingernails of jiang-shi while standing front row at a John Holt concert wearing a ripped up Corrosion of Conformity t-shirt!
facebook: aliens of the devil

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

circa. (yeay! i CAN read!)

circa. (yes, that is a say: “circa dot”) is a new taser factory effort, in the form of a light publication, by editor jonathan jay and creative director gwyn galvan. I particularly like the their initials: jj and gg., and if we hung out more, i think i would try just calling them jj and gg....
so far, circa. has featured interesting interviews of persons involved in interesting things in the los angeles area, specifically central los angeles. the cast of featured artists, sound-makers, writers, and poets are pretty substantial, and the interviews are quality. Ranging from playful-to-honest, traditional-to-experimental in their approach, it makes for fun reading.
(knee shy) had the pleasure of being spotlighted in the debut issue. now on their second release, featuring such creatives as: published poet chiwan choi, yyy’s / krs recording artist imaad wasif w/ truman water, lino-cut master dave lefner, and matador rec. heavies jaguar love, it’s evident that jj and gg are really starting to have fun with this.

along with breaking up standard monotony with their layout, circa. is also experimenting with means of distributing their product to the masses. circa. is currently available with the confines of los select locations. if you’re interested in acquiring a hard-copy, contact them here:

these guys are also hooked on the idea of a little dialogue between readers, featured artists, and staff. so, say something...let’s dialogue!

good job with the screenprinted covers, gwyn!