Friday, November 26, 2010

Full Metal Alchemist vs. Slayers Next...

A few weeks ago i spent the weekend in, due to sickness, which at one point i
believed to be pneumonia, but it wasn’t. Anyway, with downtime afoot, i powered
my way through the 51-episode “Full Metal Alchemist” (herein referred to
as “FMA”) anime.
I picked it because of the title, and i had heard kinda good things about it a few
years ago. I also liked the title “Full Metal Panic”, which sucks, and the only
reason why i ended up watching Ranma 1/2 back in the day was because of the
episode titled “Smells Like Evil Spirit”. Apparently I’m driven been clever (in my
opinion) titles.
Luckily, FMA was totally taser factory, sans the final episode.
While watching though, I noticed a marked similarity in the story path, which
maybe runs through more magical fantasy type anime than I know.
To prove my point, I’ll place fma up against the slayers next series...

Both anime feature a protagonist duo...FMA’s Elric brothers, and Slayers’ Lena
and the dark-haired girl...
There is quite a bit of humor in both of series, which revolve around the
insecurities of the main magic wielding adventurer...the Full-Metal Alchemist
himself is down about comments concerning his height, while slayer Lena flips
the fuck out whenever anybody mentions her shortcomings in the area of breast

While there is an established goal that the protags are setting out to achieve,
these series both start off with a fairly episodical program, and the humor is front
and center.

But, as they progress, the both take on a more serious overtone, and the story
route begins to move into the “if-you-miss-an-episode-you’re-fucked” zone,
complete with “to be continue...”s and other cliffhangers.

And of course bittersweet endings that put forth questions about whether or not
the means justify the end, etc.

It seems to make for a pretty effective trick for sucking in viewers who just wanna
watch a few random anime episode and end up sticking around for the whole
damn thing. I mean, it got me good enough to waste my time writing this.

Netflix it if you got it...oh! and if you like anime.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

"entrance(d)" an installation and evening curated by (knee shy), featuring tres lingerie and bt magnum...

It’s almost time to say thanks here in the states by means of eating alotta food, and talking about the food, and talking to people that one might not talk to that family, if you have one...

But before you soak into some weird-ass food coma, join (knee shy) for a splendid evening of fun,
dancing, and generally getting free, at our upcoming show “entrance(d)

, our latest venture, is a one night only event and installation...we can easily refer to it
as a curated let’s.

On the evening of Saturday, November 20th, you can find (knee shy) in full form and dressed to
the dimes at Echo Park’s DIY Gallery...and we won’t be alone...
We’ve joined leagues with spectacular sound purveyors Tres Lingerie and BT Magnum to set the
night up/off right with their premier dance motivations.

The installation and dancing are free, and there is a cash bar, and other art in store...this is

looking like a winner. Come see for yrselves....

Here’s the plan, in further detail:

An interactive installation and evening by Los Angeles based art duo (knee shy), featuring the DJ
talents of the Bay Area’s Tres Lingerie and BT Magnum.

DIY GAllery
1549 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Opening Reception:
Saturday, November 20th
8:00pm – 12:00am

(knee shy), the Los Angeles based art duo of J. Shelley Harrison and Jeremy Kennedy, has
a definite penchant for the conceptual, the playful, and the interactive. Since 2006 they have
applied these working guides to subjects as unlikely and varied as atonal music composition and
parallel parking. With the their newest work, an installation titled “Entrance(d)”, the team holds
true to all of the above.

“Entrance(d)” is a one-time event, which rings more like a curated party than a standard art
opening. With a focus on dance parties and epic times, (knee shy)’s multi-faceted installation
aspires to create an atmosphere of open fun on the evening of November 20th at Echo Park’s DIY

The physical installation will sprawl in minimal and maximal pockets throughout the space
provided by DIY Gallery. The set-up will be accessible to the audience, and is built for interaction,

with elements such as photo ops complete with on-site, party soldiering photographers.

To thoroughly carry the theme through the evening, they’ve collaborated with Bay Area boogie/
disco funk DJ duo Tres Lingerie, and L.A.’s BT Magnum (of Beat Electric/Mezzanine fame) to
provide a fitting backdrop of sound.

As with many of their prior projects, the audience is intended to be as much a part of the piece as
any element designed by the artist. (knee shy) will be setting an inclusive stage for the practice
of chance theory, and extends an open invitation for those inclined to present a fashion forward
response to any dance and/or party spirit that calls to them.

With that in mind, it’s up to the crowd to complete the scene, and shape this style eccentric

For further details, please visit:

About (knee shy):

(knee shy) is the chosen moniker for the collaborative artwork of L.A. based artists J. Shelley Harrison and Jeremy
Kennedy. Work as a duo began in early 2006. Kennedy and Harrison chose to work together after examining the
similarities in their own personal working techniques, activities, and especially, their shared concepts and ideas.

The goal of this collaboration has always been to actively combine brainstorms, and use whatever means, or medium,
necessary to actualize them. In other words, they hold the concept as the center of attention. With this in mind, (knee
shy)’s artwork manifests itself in many forms.

Both artists have maintained solo careers, which expand into the musical arena. Harrison performs and records with the
experimental prog-pop band Horns of Happiness (Secretly Canadian Records), while Kennedy has been involved in a
number of groups ranging from punk rock to free jazz. He now pilots the FMSMPRC micro-label.

Whether it be 2-dimensional, performance, sculptural, a themed party, in a gallery, or site specific; this duo always has
a focus of playfulness and/or interaction. (knee shy) is especially interested in public art, art actions, and other means of
connecting art and audience.

To view full C/V, please visit:

About Tres Lingerie:

Originally a bi-coastal production and DJ duo fostered over the Internet between NYC and SF natives Johan Churchill
(French house music enthusiast) and Jordan Presnick (former punk rocker), Tres Lingerie recently reunited in the east

Jordan and Johan both attended Sarah Lawrence College where they participated in all the offerings of a fine liberal arts
education, which included access to a well-stocked electronic music studio. Like teenagers raiding their parents liquor
cabinet, Jordan and Johan became intoxicated with digital and analog synthesis and raided the infinite cool sounds from a
plethora of vintage and new high-end gear.

Now, in their own studio (Unrbanoculars) in Berkeley, the boys are busy tapping into those funky, fresh, old, and timeless
disco and soul sounds pioneered during the late 70's and 80's.

For more info, please visit:

About BT Magnum:

(from San Francisco Weekly)

The man behind the excellent events curated at (San Francisco’s) (arguably) best dance venue,
Mezzanine, and the Internet's go-to blog for old-school dance jams is one Brian Tarney. Party goers and
vintage-tune seekers may know him better as BT Magnum, Tarney's alter-ego, who runs about S.F. DJing
some of the best classic house, disco, and boogie parties, and writes regularly for Beat Electric. BT is a
veritable vault of knowledge when it comes to the smooth grooves and stellar tracks of the '80s, but he also
continues to keep a finger on the pulse of contemporary music that's inspired by those same sounds.

For more info, please visit:

Sunday, November 7, 2010

"see-thru" thong skirts - panther by hand + j. shelley harrison

here's some totally taser factory gripz from my favorite seamtress, panther by hand, in collaboration with j. shelley harrison. the "thong skirt"...we've got some of these at the house, and they are amazing.
...i guess the product started from a rumored skirt of the same type, but that turned out to not exist, until these lovely lady brought it to life a few years ago! 

i borrowed this post from panther by hand's blog, which features tons of good ol' greatness. check it out for more:
We were a big hit on the playground that day.
This was a collaboration with J. Shelley Harrison of kneeshy.
More Will Claytor pics.