Sunday, December 20, 2015


just had the pleasure of meeting and jamming w/ this guy and mr. sun araw himself last night. 
at betalevel, beneath the crooked alleyways of la's incredibly spooky chinatown...on a dark and stormy nite.
tomo, man rips rad on the double bass, see example:
he'll be doing more things w/ the instrument here:
- January 4th, 8:30 pm:
with Charlie Rauh and Leonid Galaganov at 65 Fenimore Street, Brooklyn, New York City, USA.
- January 7th:
with Charlie Rauh and Leonid Galaganov at The Firehouse Space, Greenpoint, New York City, USA.

aside from his tasered up career in improvised music, composition, 2xbassing, etc., he is also a comic guru and makes some fine artwork. especially dig these #simpleisbest pen and ink drawings, as well as his watercolour approach here.
seems to have an obsession w/ birth. meant to ask him about that. i didn't.

mail baggage...

.damn yes.
my mailboxes have been ejecting such taser material at me recently!
from left to righteous:
-writ words and fab fotos from both new and familiar faces.
from SAN publications in toronto.
-some superb "suburban pyramids" and "car fighter" print action grabbed from goatmother industrial.
last pulls of the yr i believe. "car fighter" actually comes in the t-shirt format, but as a pedestrian in LA (which is why this piece resonates so strong w/ me) that doesn't wear t-shirts too much, i talked my way into a print version.
-a fresh copy of erin k. drew's super spooky "erotic art magazine", fucking amazing.

also, this recently framed up a set of mini-polaroids by the extremely thoughtful anne peterson sobel, straight outta doha.
primo example of my really bad photo taking skills, but everyone who comes thru here is all like "oh wow!" or just like "wow!"
just a taste of some super additions at table-blue studio, llc., and a reminder to keep postal w/ pals.

Sunday, December 13, 2015


an thing that happens on kchung radio sometimes...
me (jk) + lunch skirt + sometimes occasional guests, happily sandwiched between 2 of my fave spots on 1630 AM.
it features sounds from our, both our mouths, + selected and/or random audio recordings, and sometimes lunch skirt reads things, and alsooo we sometimes have guests.

the title "sooooooo..." is built on the show we sub for called "noooooooooooooooo".
altogether, it's an rather exploration in awkward convo, with (somewhat) intentional over-usage of :(and, but, um, hmmm, and, yeah but no, and of course 'so', etc.)...
alsoooooo, lunch often prods me to just play the next track.

terrific energy.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

"Spanish Silver Fox"

such a taser factory project!
Spanish Silver Fox
By: Guan Rong
Set in fashion magazine format, Spanish Silver Fox offers an extensive view into Los Angeles based artist Guan Rong's vision of her ideal husband.
In this production, an in-depth interview conducted by artist Brian Getnick acts as a guide through glossy pages of glamorously stylized work by photographers Patricia Castaneda and Morgan Yu.
Reality and fantasy merge herein to create what can easily be read as a physical dating site profile of the artist, an appropriate conceptual platform for her views on love, life, and desire.
terrifyingly happy to see it in print, and proud as a clam to have had a hand in helping bring this into being.
just one of the cast, along with:
brian getnick, patricia castaneda, morgan yu, miya wang, mary jane boltz, and of course, the artist herself.
...sometimes it takes a crew large enough to fill an odd communal household to raise a full-color, conceptual, husband-hunting, fashion magazine.
the launch party was the icing, thanks to women's center for creative work.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mad Like Artaud

thursday, november 19 at 7pm (more like 7:30-ish) at 356 s. mission road / los angeles.

lunch skirt and i attended this book launch by one of our fave, most interesting persons, sylvère lotringer.
the reading was terrific. this is what it looked like afterwards.
i wish sylvere himself had talked more... maybe he did.
we had to leave after this photo was taken because day jobs.

so, we missed the film screening. i caught it later via this:

The Man Who Disappeared (2015, 49 min) a film.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

ewok smell.

has anyone else ever imagined how terrible these things* must smell?!
like waking up on the floor after 2 days of being too busy to properly shower, followed by a 3 day spree of debauchery, in a room that carries the distinct odor of a opium den / smoking-friendly petting zoo, absorbed into every follicle...
viola! hence the term: "ewok smell".
eewl... add that to yr lexicon.

*ewoks are some kinda fictitious, hostile, fur-covered, biped-esque creatures, w/ primitive tool-making abilities and an archaic social structure, featured in a popular instructional video franchise titled "star wars".

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

big giftin'

thinking of my work pal james on his day here...
dude set me up w/ some totally taser gifts from his recent vacay.
had the op to rock that killer "cashmere excellent product" scarf for the 1st time today, + this mint condition linden clock radio (complete w/ case) is gonna get some serious play time in my next sound making set.
the am on this guy is perfectly timed after the death of my last royal 50. #handheld
this man has taste.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

open press L.A. - two thousand and fifteens.

a totally taser roving book fair + reading / performance series that recently went down here in los angeles.
i was only able to catch 2 of the multiple events at a number of rad venues. during some words about birds at insert blanc, i grabbed this (above) not quite murder, yet conveniently timed gang of crows tearing up the air.
constantly forgetting my tripping out on the atm's, i didn't immediately score as much take away as i wished. regardless, amongst other items, managed to pick up this collection from eohippus labs, and mr. unnamed press tossed me a frisbee.
managed to snag this exhausted copy from emji spero after what seemed like an hour long toothbrushing performance reading at poetic research bureau... my bag still carries the odor of sensodyne.
(handed it over to lunch skirt to rest aside some ketchup'd pages from a performance by lindsey boldt)
also, a reading of this piece from CARLA led to a brief but terrif discussion on cying, and my own personal "cry list" exploration.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

perfect damage

there are particular types of damage i adore.

perfect damage #1 (2.12.15)

perfect damage #2 (sometime between 2.12.15 - 7.18.15)

perfect damage #3 (7.18.15)

perfect damage #4 (11.29.15)

to me, this ongoing documentation of the deteriorating condition of friend/collaborator lunch skirt's iphone is a terrific example of perfect damage.
plus, some folks may recall my passion for fucking up cellular telephones.

honorable mention- this vehicle is perfectly damaged.

*are there dents in airplanes? i hope so! i'll remember to look next time.
*and no, lunch skirt is not affiliated w/ any sorority.
*also, this person is not allowed within 2 nautical feet of my mobile device.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


there's no "I" in goatmother, but there's an "ugh" in every laugh.
every artist who enters/exits this studio is horrified that they didn't see it before.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

taser blasts 2015: : ... sound making performances,

i don't make it out for events nearly as much as i'd like. for a number of reasons. when i do, i always note the ones that made it everything or more...

1 (part 1) - Jacques Demierre and Urs Leimgruber @ artshare (LA).
it's been too long since i've witnessed such powerfully great players connect so perfectly to one another, and the audience ear. 

barre phillips, the performer i was most familiar with, was unable to make this a trio due to illness.
however, following a taserly reinforced and effected harp adventure with shelley burgon, a montage video of phillips moments made for a terrific lead-in to the performance.

1 (part 2) - White Magic @ katzen kultur (LA).
an extremely taser deep dive into this instrumentally unrestricted range, on really fun evening.

it was the release show for this:
here's a fave from this drag city release:

got to play a show w/ a one of her former projects, quix*o*tic* (amazing)... already a fan of her sister's work w/ autoclave and slant 6, i kept following along. love it all, but this event was definitely a year shaper, ear sharpener.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

i do not know "vacation". (right book, wrong times)

"vacay/sabbatical"- so... i opted for SFO over big sur, a place at oakland city center over a cute waterside boutique hotel, being with over being alone, etc.
it looked like this.

i finished this book during.

i knew chris kraus for her film work, which falls under the category: taser.

during this trip she became my co-pilot.

given all its complexity, hilarity... given my position (+ the fact that i have next to no idea how to vacay/relax), i read only the bizarre difficulties of it into my own situation. a definite mind fuck, which landed me back in LA in worse shape than before i left (not uncommon for me)... but in a new excitingedly introspective blur.

other than the personal notes i made and the effect it had, my words definitely can't touch it. at least for now. so here's this...

"i love dick" ranks solidly in my top 11 fave reads.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Asiana - HL7143

q- why the fuck did i buy this?!

a- because i walked by it nearly once a day for the past like 5 yrs, impulse, the same reason why the jazz panther and i offered $100.00 (usd) for a t-shirt in the window of talbots promoting a clearance sale, curiosity (why has this been displayed in the window of a women's clothing shoppe for ages?), it was cheap, some deep rooted chungking express sentimentality...

idk, but it's an airplane, maybe i can do something taser w/ it.

*grabbed this during the opening of sundays best (echo park)'s pop-up. ah, shop up.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

zapping the southwest

I must drop my taser for a moment, as this guy has one pointed directly at my brain.

Brooklyn based artist, sound-maker Brad Kahlhamer has been/is be combining almost everything I ever hoped to see in the push and pull where Native American influence meets expressionistic impulse in action.
All of it, the drawings, paintings, and especially sculptural work, strum my strings.
No more words from me. There are plenty out there online already. However, I suggest just going direct to the source:

Saturday, October 3, 2015

...and that's how jazz works.

gonna start refreshing more than once a year.
thought i'd light it up w/ this giga-heavy heave of taserness:
paul flaherty/chris corsano/john olson in an ann arbor basement in 2004.
heard many words about this one, happy to finally see it.
a show i def wanted to witness...if only via video, it kills.
?!this is like that TM thing right?!
.taser factory.