Sunday, March 17, 2013

giuseppe licari - 2 pieces

giuseppe licari makes a lot of very taser factory work, but on the subject of trees, this sicilian artist has it covered from top to bottom. 

from HUMUS:

from The Sky In A Room:

i can say a lot about how these two installations make the different sections of trees seem worlds apart from one another, and how striking they crash on the rigid environment of the gallery spaces...but his site says it all, and better, and more:

Saturday, March 9, 2013

experimental bed-making

the experimental bed-making book... an oldie but goodie! this beauty was brought to life several years ago by the collaborative efforts of goatmother industries, j. shelley (smallkit) harrison, and william winchester claytor, but saw a second run a few months back here in LA. 

i had the honor of helping out with the binding of the 2nd book, which i believe is now in the loving claws of some angelino. 

you can find the first one in indiana university's library thing, and scope out the pages online here: