Wednesday, May 22, 2013

thinking out loud with andrew irving

pretty taser project...
grabbed from kpcc-
[Despite all of our mass communication technologies – from smart phones to emails to smiley face emoticons — It can still be pretty hard to tell what other people are thinking. However, a new study by anthropologist Andrew Irving, attempts to bridge that gap and "gain a better understanding of the interior dialogues and imaginative lifeworlds that constitute people’s experiences of urban life."
Irving asked more than 100 New Yorkers to wear headsets and record their thoughts as they went about their day. Participants went about their daily lives while speaking their innermost thoughts aloud as they walked through the city. 

Though the study does not claim to be a comprehensive approach to understanding a person's thought process, it does offer a glimpse into human thought patterns. Some of the examples Irving shares include a woman who's  thoughts dart from trivial to tragic to a man engaging in an inner argument with himself.]
though i often get caught talking to myself, i feel i would not perform very well at this. wish i had time to write my take on this. rather powerful.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

i CAN stop smiling

i've been a velocity girl fan since like '95, i have no idea why i'm posting this video. super weak when compared to anything from the noisier, shoe-gaze, love-pop gem copacetic, or the slumberland release before that, but i like this video at the moment.
maybe it's that i work on the outskirts of the photo industry i think it's fun, or my current obsession with post-murphy brown ladies styles, or the retro-'50s guy thing that reminds me of the mid-90's, ren + stimpy(?), being stoned on my parents' couch and watching conan o'brien...when it was new.
sarah shannon was also my dream girl, though i think bridget cross was better.