Sunday, May 14, 2017

live: borbetomagus

happy there was a container of complimentary earplugs at the entrance. this is the only 2nd time in my life i've felt i needed (had) to wear them.
stole this from the wire. as a rule, i don't take photos at shows.
i've listened to and appreciated these cats over the years, heard tales and read about their performances, but none of it prepared me for this live sound experience.
no ceremony, just an unrelenting blast of what these guys do from the instant the light turned green, until they stopped doing it. feel like i learned something.

this documentary (below), which lit the wick for the evening, was pretty good too. chris corsano's cameo was really funny.

POLLOCK Official Trailer from Jef Mertens on Vimeo.

*also, scoured my place for the past 2 weeks searching for a very old borbetomagus cassette... dang.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Air Bud: Convincing Fan Art

Bud shimmy, Bud shutter, Bud sores...

A delightful find sent to me by the Goatmoither! Holding in my hands the heartfelt sentiment of the one who so lovingly (re)produced this cover art, I feel the pains of defeat and triumph.
Unsure if it's dog football or dog frisbee, but I want to be touched. Who has a VCR??!!??

P>S>: Always trust the Kansas Citysun.