Saturday, October 30, 2010

recent arrivals...

Friends are great! Especially whenever they make great things, and send them to you in the mail. Here’s a taser factory word on a few choice items that have recently hit the always crowded studio postal hole.

1. thee open sex- “on every street corner” (cassette - Magnetic South) My dear friend John Dawson holds an existence in the realm of sound, which transcends positives, negatives, and calls for distinctions of earthly makes. open sex is a solo recording effort, and a project, which has seemingly been building an encompassing live presence.

This channels subtle meditative progressions and rhythms that slow the rate of time. One moment you’re on a boat and the next you’re on the floor of your room, but it’s comfortable…file under: Beyond Everything.

2. Apache Dropout- “Do the Splendid Crown“ (7” – Magnetic South)

This record drips mid-western psychedelia in some unforgiving, all analog means. Crashing weirdo garage from Lord Fyre and a couple of Hot Fighters, which somehow carries rock n’ roll through waves of bottoming out and topping out and stuff. Come on! I mean they’re named after an Edgar Broughton Band song! Rippin’ Live…

3. Cloud Becomes Your Hand (cassette – Canada Goose Tapes) A new audio product from Brooklyn based Stephen Cooper. I’ve been pals with Steph for years, and have watched and listened to snips of his eclectic evolution thru various sound projects ranging from strange post-rock to free-improvised jazz, as well as the sculpture band Eagle-ager.

Years ago, I begged him to submitted a track from his video game inflected Portal project for a comp I was helping assemble. CBYH rings back to the Portal persuasion in his sensibility towards overall compositional structures. He builds soundtracks which bounce simple poppy hooks off highly pronounced multi instrumental formations, fleeting experimental placements, and technological utility.

4. Ground-Ups / Crotch Council- “who talks to my necklace?” (cassingle – Friends and Relatives Records) Ground-ups is a free-ish noisy hard jazz group, and various others throughout it’s fluttering little course. This tape features what i believe to be a free freak out from the Justin Clifford Rhody, Clare Hubbard, Shane Edge, and me period. Harsh horns / harsh drums!

Russian Tsarlag and Aurora Doreyalice as crotch council brings back some rad memories of shadow lake drownings and the time of my life. I always found Carlos’s voice oddly persuasive. Groan up, and Trash guitar / trash drum! Cover art by…Me!

5. EMERGE series (5 CD Set - THIT Sounds) Mr. Goatmother is one prolific and busy (goat)motherfucker, and the massively involved EMERGE series is ONE of the latest additions to his all media catalog for this year alone!

The Official Text: “The Emerge Series is a series of five album singles exploring "drones" and "emphasis" in the keys of C, D, E, G, and B. The packaging is all handmade. Each album also includes linear notes and a five color poster.”

This is entirely true. And for those with waning ideas surrounding “drone” and “emphasis”, prepare to re-write your mind. This is powerful art, and better-than-engaging.

*There’s more where that came from, but these are so taser, and most recently-est listened to.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a tribute to zane grey

I recently acquired a very large collection of books by zane grey. among other things, he reminds me how much i love the movie "the third man".
A tribute to Zane Grey

Bang bang, oh I’m a good guy.
Dammit, I’m a bad guy, huh?
Food? Water dammit! That’s what we need, some water.
You’re such a damn sheriff
about everything.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Plywood Curtains by Jennifer Bolande

I generally like Jennifer Bolande's art work. While the past few years, at least what i've seen, has kinda been on the hit or miss tip for me, I'm always drawn in by her conceptual directions. Love it. Taser F'in Factory. Perfect example is her site-specific Plywood Curtain installations around Los Angeles...Mainly utilizing unused commercial property...I can say as much about the effect as i can about the implied layers of concept, etc. They're beautiful. and apparently will be on view until sometime next year....I spotted the installation at the ICON, and decided to hit up the art reserve site for these images. thanks art reserve...

bigger thanks:

Saturday, October 2, 2010

2 notes about preparing things and readymade art...

i spend a great amount of time walking (with my feet). it's a good chance to put things on top of other things, or at least see things that are perfect for things to be put on top of, find things that are perfectly centered for one's own appreciation without the need of things put on top of it.
first, here's some fun google / googly photos from LA artist Corrie Siegel. i love this. reminds me of 2 of my favorite bands ever: fat worm of error and boredoms. it reminds me to put on one of their records. found. prepped. enough said, enjoy.view (much) more here:

secondly, me.i'm always the first to say that i'm a terrible photographer. i think i have even started conversations using that line. recently i've realized that the signs surrounding this mentality point in 2 directions:
1.nobody cares. doesn't matter.

so here we go. this is what i've been up to. i think they're fun and funny. i'll save the discussion on the duchampian approach, recoil, and other bullshit...view (abit) more here:

p.s.- corrie siegel is also involved with a fantastic, collectively run art space in LA's chinatown, called Actual Size. it's small!