Monday, July 5, 2010

not ugly - inner beauty pageant

j-e-remy of d-e-vil with the "background suicide" EP.
not ugly, an extremely multi-faceted inner beauty pageant/talent show/installation/etc., kicked off with it's opening reception last saturday (july 3rd) at DIY GAllery here in wonderful little los angeles. there was plenty of totally taser factory art, performances, and other fun by aliens of the devil, stepfather, the steffens too, collin manning, eddie pepitone, gregg lopez, and others, all curated by the lovely danielle collins.

devon steffens with photos.j. s-h-elley of d-e-vil with 2 fanged up cats.
though the opening is in the bag, the show is still rolling throughout the month of july (during the gallery's open hours), and comes to a spectacular close on saturday july 31st with the second installment of art action pageantry!

aliens of the devil, the new non-audio thrash/dub band from (knee shy), is thrilled as a clam to be a part of the whole goddamn thing! one offering we have conjured up is our new limited edition EP: “Background Suicide”, which features visual remixes of 4 rad songs by 4 killer bands with the word “suicide” in their name (you can probably guess at least one).

if you missed it the first time around, stop by the gallery when they're open, or mak
e a note to check out round 2 on the 31st! there will be more performances, including the aliens of the devil infomercial!

good epic times....

devon steffens with elbow x-ray.
FROM NOT UGLY::: NOT UGLY Inner Beauty Pageant @ DIY GAllery 1549 West Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90026 • 213.977.9602 NOT UGLY Inner Beauty Pageant is an exhibit of literary and artistic works published from within our Athenaeum. This first in a series, celebrates those who might go unnoticed due to their natural breast size or their ability to spell potato. We spotlight the splendor of the truth, the strange and the marvelous with staged and framed works that document the high road taken by each of the multi-sexy contestant chosen to compete for The Audience Award and purse of $500. Make your vote count for Keith Niles, Eddie Pepitone, Gregg Lopez, Kate and Devon are The Steffens Too, and Aliens of the Devil stars Jeremy Kennedy & Shelly Harrison. Additional works and support from artists Colin Manning, Terril Lewis, Ben Phen, Peter Soby Jr., STEPFATHER'S Ian Jay, Josh Achziger, Gabriel Mounsey, Danielle Collins and from our host Roger Steffens. Each person that steps into the gallery will receive a Voting Ballot and a Program that describes the Talent and the Art Auction.

Tickets are $10, come with a cocktail and are good for the Talent Show on July 3 and the Talent Show on July 31st. Entrance is $0 from 7-9p. Space is limited. You can reserve tickets in advance at:

July 3 • Vote, Art Auction @ 7p with a Talent Show part1 at 10p

July 31 • Vote, Art Auction @ 7p with a Talent Show part2 at 10p

DIY GAllery is open to Vote or Bid on Art Auction Tue-Sat 12pm-6pm

The winner of the Pageant and Art Auction is announced at midnight July 31.

See you there and thank you for supporting art in America.

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Digital said...

Great times. Thanks for postin all these pix! You two were incredible. Thanks for being a part of it.
Devon (Digital Aspergers)