Sunday, September 26, 2010

phil me up...

i know i'm not the first to use that dumb-ass title. screw it, it's late. anyway, after years of hearing folks cautiously approach the subject of phil collins and genesis with closet-y, speakeasy terms of admiration, it's great to see an influx of out and out phil collins fans.

Norwegian TV show Lydverket came up with some charming footage.

there are many us...but there has always been an equal or greater number of haters...which i can totally tolerate, but it's always been the closet cases that drive me up the wall.

just say it, man. it's fine. see, he looks like some guy i know in real life here.

is/was phil collins not cool? hip-hop artists apparently like him. is there an underlying reason to be ashamed of liking genesis, or the man himself? sure, he seems rather conceded, and not what i would call "warm"...actually, that sounds like me...who knows.
i'm sure this isn't the first time i've put the taser factory torch to mr. collins, and i doubt it'll be the last.

additionally, i am a fan of peter gabriel fronted genesis.

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Storm said...

Nice. Phil is indeed inescapable...Coming in the Air Tonight seems to me to infuse the rest of his work with a depth it may not deserve. That song FEELS like something's going to happen and it FEELS like something is happening and yet, even after the drum fill it, it never changes tempo...nothing really ever moves in that song. Which is interesting in itself!