Saturday, September 4, 2010

THIT...sounds from the fantum jukebox.

about a year ago, goatmother industrial moved out of it's watery grave-type underground workshop beneath bloomington, indiana's russian recording studio....
that seems like a good thing. not that that was a bad thing before, but the action has been go ever since...not that it wasn't before...

screw it! i seem to not be able to write this intro, so here it is!

thit is it!the fantum headress from THIT.
thit is a new-ish addition to the golden glow which emanates from providence-based artist mark rice's ever-sprawling, preter-conglomo art DBA, goatmother industrial...probably one of the most taser factory things on the market.

this sound container is a super fun listen (via myspace for now), and it come decked out with corresponding imagery for each track. a neat package indeed, as many such deals throw-up too much, or fall stupidly short on effort. this is perfect-o, and it effectively relates the art mentality of mr. rice and the goatmother aesthetic. perhaps not in full, as there is ultimately way too much ground to cover there, but this cross section proves to be a fine testament/statement/thing.

so, go jam it out here THIT, and stop by to see the big picture or catch some updates on activities.

i recently received my own personal "kevinator" (the title of one of the tracks). i consider myself a lucky own personal kevinator.

"...did you ever consider randomly murdering dogs? i don't know?"

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