Sunday, April 25, 2010

a very new potato sandwich - by jeremy kennedy

this is the sandwich of my dreams. not like my "dream sandwich", but i had a dream about this sandwich, or this sandwich was in my dreams, etc. i did not have to eat it. i made this image, because it was extremely difficult to explain the sandwich to people. it would take a long time, and still nobody "really" understands the sandwich, and i am getting royally sick and tired of trying to explain it.
if anybody is interested in this sandwich, please feel free to contact me!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"keys to an eighty-eighth" - a new group project / curated by j. shelley harrison

“Keys to an Eighty-Eighth”
*an 88 person group art project curated by – j. shelley harrison

About this project:

With “Keys to an Eighty-Eighth”, artist j. shelley harrison has created a very encompassing project based on a straightforward and communicable concept, the type of she is often noted for. After destroying a piano for a project by (knee shy) in early 2010, harrison was felt compelled to creatively implement the leftover parts. She was specifically drawn to the piano’s keys, and decided to distribute all 88 of them amongst 88 selected creative individuals.

The guidelines provided by harrison were extremely loose. Each individual has been instructed to prepared their key in some creative fashion, and returned the product to Harrison upon it’s completion. Per instruction, all participants maintain the control to do basically whatever they want involving the key given to them. Thanks to this liberalness, the body of work as a whole is already showing signs of incredible depth, and creative elements from one extreme to the next.

The ongoing variety of the pieces of can also be attributed to the scope of individuals selected by harrison to be part of the project. For participants, she selected creatives of all kinds, from all over the map. Visual artists, designers, writers, children, musicians, strangers, friends, family, insiders and outsiders... you name it. By inviting such a diverse crowd, she has captured a full spectrum of backgrounds and approaches, from sculptural to audio, photography to poetry.

Keys are still steadily arriving, and the end date from the project is still in the future. After all the keyed-up pieces make their return, the entire collection will be shown in a gallery exhibition. Where and when are still up in the air, and there is also the possibility of showings in multiple cities.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

jiang-shi! - fuck dracula!!!

i am currently renewing my obsession with my favorite horror / comedy / fantasy / martial arts movie genre, jiang shi! roughly, jiang shi is the chinese term for the culture's approximation of a vampire. fuck any ideas of dracula, true blood, or any of that other shit, this is a totally different, more taser factory ghoul.
apparently the story of jiang shi goes back far into chinese folklore, but i prefer to pick up the tale starting in the early 1980's when martial arts master, film star, jackie chan buddy, and renowned action coordinator sammo hung started the movie genre by making "encounters of the spooky kind".
these films are terrific! they combine chinese folklore, comedy, horror, martial arts, and other bizarre elements, which create something entirely and specifically chinese. (my favorite part is finding myself lost on culturally specific terms and jokes).
the antagonist themselves are something to marvel over. jiang shi resemble western zombies more than vampires. they are ridden with rigor mortis, thus explaining the fact that they hop around in order to move. (in feng shui, it is supposed that the inclusion of a 6" threshold at the bottom of doorways is good to prevent jiang shi from entering.)
they usually appear dressed in qing dynasty garb, and are combated by taoist priests, who put jiang shi to sleep by placing spells, written on pieces of yellow paper, on their foreheads. also, male virgins, sticky rice, chicken eggs, and dog blood are good things to have around.
here's a clip from "encounters of the spooky kind"
other taser factory titles include:
"the dead and the deadly"
"mr. vampire" (and all the sequels)
and anything with yam ching-ying...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 with be funny...

a flavorite piece from my personal collection. kids, as much as some of them get on my goddamn nerves, are top ranked in my book for their creative output. this is an absolutely taser factory example. a brilliant tale of halloween excitement and adventure, epically illustrated (probably) on the reverse side, by an unknown artist / writer / score-keeper. my friend molly gave this to me years ago as a birthday present. it is definitely with be funny!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

public art...what isn't...

i've been better about carrying a camera with me when i go out. that is good, due to the amount of stuff outside. like this. oh street art...

a ripped out parking sign, which someone spraypainted, scraped, covered in sequins and wire, and threw in a street .a crosswalk sign that someone taped off to make this classic gesture. this was right in front of the office where i had an interview today.

awesome scarred up pin board at a local pub.
fucked up phone.