Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"Lil' Help?" : A Charming yet Challenged Version of the American Masculine Kitchen

Thrilled about having this brand new flippable guide through next level foods and the consideration of, all finished up and out in the world! Had a terrific time launching this proper style at Open Press 2016 here in Los Angeles last weekend! Taser event, can't even...
Lil' about:
Straddling the fence between menus of possibility and absurdity, two artists tackle cuisine idealistically with what they are given and what they’ve absorbed. Presented in a stylish, e-z to use table top format.
Comes packaged in screen-printed literature mailer box, with exclusive sticker.
*Neither Goatmother Industrial nor Rebel Hands Press take responsibility for like anything.
~ 19 page, full color, ring bound table display, with screen-printed cover on chipboard.

~ Measure - 13h x 6w x 5d

~ Edition - 39

Think we done good...
Check it out over here: www.rebelhandspress.com

A few bonus process shots!
In a terrifying grid!

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