Thursday, January 28, 2016

the taser side(s) of the world- drawings by rob hessler

my fandom for this fellow has been there from the moment i locked eyes w/ his work.
not only the work, but as a person, the experience is so damn taser.
a few years laters, and now with ~2,400 miles of distance between us, my incredible appreciation of this work has done nothing but grow.
(funny how that happens)
flipped worlds, feathered scopes, and re-revisited historical scapes... mr. hessler cleverly pulls together forever stare-at-able pieces in insanely exacting detail, with enough conceptual presence to draw plenty o' inkwell dry.
these grabbed photos are just a tease...
 not even the most intense, just a couple of faves. seeing rob's work in person is enough to make my wrist cramp, instant carpal tunnel vision....the amount of fancy, pen technique (to his own) involved in this action breaks my brain.

here's the online, a lot to offer. he's out there often, many cities... grab it live when/if you can.
drawings by rob hessler

Sunday, January 17, 2016

stimpson j. heater

since the heat broke in the studio, i bought several new heat machines.
my personal model looks kinda like stimpy.

it also rotates a lot and makes annoying sounds.
yes, it is an idiot.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

recent cares, shares, mails...

right, 2016... some spectacular illness was terrifically offset by a visit from my b-day sharer, aurora dorey alice, a few staycation days. and a haul of really rad cards.

the (kinda) downtime gave me a moment to dig through a few new or recent readables grabbed up via mail or handoff...

from left to rights...

-rice harvester #14- The closing edition, and powerfully done up (love this cover art). from 1995 til here, wow... i'm looking through to see what issues i have and what i missed. i've known this human for years. From crazy-ass tales humorous and tragic, written or spoken, even in lost moments, hugs, his words have always made me feel a whole hell of lot more... human.

-theoral #11- (the abc of improvisation) conversations with laura altman, monica brooks and andrew choate- i caught a copy of this fine publication a while back via thee unwrinkled ear. don't believe i've encountered this apparently damn taser series before granted this access. just as one saint bollards re-informed my awareness of my outdoor urban surroundings, this work has spurred exciting new thought towards creative sound-making and beyond. further into this catalog i go: (

-poems by elbe, vol. 2 - this 24 page collection of truth snips and hopscotch histories arrived perfectly stapled up during the holiday times. now read, my copy sits on a shelf of important things. however, it's size and design are very suited for the ass-pocket of most any pants for fast access to anxiety quells, bus moments, and daily mental snacks. small, orange, rectangular pill (high mg). taken in combination w/ alcohol or pregnancy may cause "funny" results: (SAN publications)
honored to have this terrific mention... taser dialed.

just finished this terrific share from lunch skirt (official table-blue studio librarian)
the lover- marguerite duras
i believe in these words, perfect timing. drone strike.