Saturday, January 9, 2016

recent cares, shares, mails...

right, 2016... some spectacular illness was terrifically offset by a visit from my b-day sharer, aurora dorey alice, a few staycation days. and a haul of really rad cards.

the (kinda) downtime gave me a moment to dig through a few new or recent readables grabbed up via mail or handoff...

from left to rights...

-rice harvester #14- The closing edition, and powerfully done up (love this cover art). from 1995 til here, wow... i'm looking through to see what issues i have and what i missed. i've known this human for years. From crazy-ass tales humorous and tragic, written or spoken, even in lost moments, hugs, his words have always made me feel a whole hell of lot more... human.

-theoral #11- (the abc of improvisation) conversations with laura altman, monica brooks and andrew choate- i caught a copy of this fine publication a while back via thee unwrinkled ear. don't believe i've encountered this apparently damn taser series before granted this access. just as one saint bollards re-informed my awareness of my outdoor urban surroundings, this work has spurred exciting new thought towards creative sound-making and beyond. further into this catalog i go: (

-poems by elbe, vol. 2 - this 24 page collection of truth snips and hopscotch histories arrived perfectly stapled up during the holiday times. now read, my copy sits on a shelf of important things. however, it's size and design are very suited for the ass-pocket of most any pants for fast access to anxiety quells, bus moments, and daily mental snacks. small, orange, rectangular pill (high mg). taken in combination w/ alcohol or pregnancy may cause "funny" results: (SAN publications)
honored to have this terrific mention... taser dialed.

just finished this terrific share from lunch skirt (official table-blue studio librarian)
the lover- marguerite duras
i believe in these words, perfect timing. drone strike.

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