Thursday, January 28, 2016

the taser side(s) of the world- drawings by rob hessler

my fandom for this fellow has been there from the moment i locked eyes w/ his work.
not only the work, but as a person, the experience is so damn taser.
a few years laters, and now with ~2,400 miles of distance between us, my incredible appreciation of this work has done nothing but grow.
(funny how that happens)
flipped worlds, feathered scopes, and re-revisited historical scapes... mr. hessler cleverly pulls together forever stare-at-able pieces in insanely exacting detail, with enough conceptual presence to draw plenty o' inkwell dry.
these grabbed photos are just a tease...
 not even the most intense, just a couple of faves. seeing rob's work in person is enough to make my wrist cramp, instant carpal tunnel vision....the amount of fancy, pen technique (to his own) involved in this action breaks my brain.

here's the online, a lot to offer. he's out there often, many cities... grab it live when/if you can.
drawings by rob hessler

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