Sunday, January 16, 2011

the charred rampz- "hunt the grease" cassette...

alright! something else like new, from like fmsmprc. drawing inspiration from king kobra III, the cherred rumpz bring some hidden noise to the forefront as one of the single heaviest tapes we've yet to throw up. it's a fun listen if your ear likes brutal and _____. 

another taser factory aspect is that while a few tapes will make their way to a couple of select shoppe shelves for retail style procurement, the majority are available via TRADE only from fmsmprc. acceptable items for trade include about anything (i know we're asking for with that statement), and definitely NOT limited to audio. little artworks, words, found documents, etc. are totally rad. and i guess if you wanna trade cash, that's cool too...

The Charred Ramps
“Hunt the Grease”

blaring from the western parts, the charred ramps enact a heavy handed noise-core in the guise of back-handed thrash metal. hunt the grease profiles 30 minutes of broken sidewalks, broken wrists, and the smell of urethane in the hot sun.

this recording is available as cassette in selected stores (for sale) and direct from fmsmprc via TRADE (only)! send a recording or art or something and we’ll send tha tape.


1558 n commonwealth ave

unit 9

Los Angeles, CA 90027

chrrd rmps is:

evol slej + carcar blahblah

take a listen::::

Monday, January 10, 2011

Danke Netflix

Obsession Alert! Right, so I’ve recently been playing the fuck out of these 3 sci-fi films produced by former DDR state sponsored DEFA studios...The Silent Star (1960), Eolomea (1972), and In The Dust of Stars (1976).

While none of these are news, as a box-set of all three was released a few years ago, the latter 2 were new finds for me, but I’d seen The Silent Star as a feature for destruction at the hands of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew years ago.

Watching it without prodding from the Joel Robinson and friends unveiled a strangely beautiful film, complete with special effects signature of the times. But what really struck me was the multi-ethnic leading cast and extremely relaxed egalitarian attitude put forth without much of any string tied to then East German polita-scape.

Breaking chronologically, In The Dust of Stars is a by far the wildest, mostest funnest one of the trio. It hits up (sometimes a bit overboard) many awesome elements I would want with 70’s Eastern Bloc in mind and more. Rad colors, exotic space dancing, space drugs, fashionably Abba-esque space explorers led by a female captain...

Last but not least is the beautifully fractured Eolomea. Fans of Solaris take note as this films contains many of the enigmatic lures that make that film so actual dialogue and some pretty psychadeli]]\\\ ic effects!

I’ve had neither the time nor inclination to attempt to make much sense of Eolomea. It being German doesn’t help, but that’s how I roll. I like things that don’t make any sense to me.

Top booot, the soundtracks and sound effects for all are really great, ranging from some dark orchestral work to wishful kraut-rock. I wanna dig up some info on those responsible (future plan).

If you gots Netflix (Yeay Netflix), go instant style. Perfect for falling asleep to.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Ha ha ha hrrrrr… how low can I fucking get? That’s right, a “TOP whatever-i-wanna-draw-attention-to” list of 2010!!! Why would I do such a thing?
  1. It’s my birthday.
  2. I’m kinda overworked, and this is the easiest online writing wonk I could manage.
  3. If I don’t write it down I might forget some of this.

So hear it is…the TOP 9 random things I wish to mention. Enjoy:

1.Top thing I wish for, that came true: Rain in Socal, Jerry Brown as Gov’ner. 

2.Top book I’ve READ (as opposed to REREAD) this year:
“Angle of Yaw” by: Ben Lerner
3.Top favorite artist:
Ryan Trecartin.

4.Top insult directed at me as a person:
Something in Spanish…I’m still not sure what it twas, I’m still working on my Spanish. (tied with being confused for Julian Assange.)
5.Top event I kick myself in the ass for missing:
It’s a tie between:

1. Alice Coltrane tribute at Royce Hall featuring: Kyp Malone, Nels Cline, Han Bennik, Flying Lotus, + others

2. Yoko Ono at the Orpheum with special guests: Thurston Moore, Lady Gaga, RZA, Sean Lennon, Yuka Honda, Carrie Fisher, Iggy Pop…and I guess a bunch of other people. 
6.Favorite weird-ass kung fu movie watched on Netflix:
“Dressed To Fight”

7.Top most interesting person roaming my neighborhood: No hands man…a guy who has no hands and rants an insane star wars infused military-esque radio conversation about assassinating Frank Zappa.

8.Favorite local radio personality: Henry Rollins. He’s funny and he starts every show by yelling salaam alaikum, and when he doesn’t yell it, and just says it. I feel like it’s gonna be boring, but it isn’t.

9.Most favorite food of the year: Radish.

….oh. Anything important you wanted to mention?
-sure. Top mind-blowing reissued record: The Reactors- “I Want Sex” 7”
…actually anything Last Laugh is putting out.

Top suggested read for ya’ll in the new year: Send.