Monday, September 16, 2013

iron eagle - ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK sheet music guidebook!!!

Total taser classic! Louis Gossett Jr. at his finest (and Jason Gedrick too, probably, I don't know if was in other films.) If you haven't witnessed this shit, jam it immediately.
Thanks to the terrific digging talents of Ms. Leah Yeppi, I am now the terrified owner of the Original Soundtrack sheet music book!
 The line up features wicked jams by such artists as: Dio, King Kobra, George Clinton, Adrenalin, The Jon Butcher Axis, and other notable _____'s.
The cover also reads "PIANO/VOCAL/CHORDS CONTAINS PROFESSIONAL FAKE PAGE ARRANGEMENTS". I have no clue what that means. Fortunately, I also don't know how to read music. Win/win.

Here's a taste:

And yeah, there's a term for jackasses who race dirtbikes against airplanes. It may simply be 'Jackasses'.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

where's my bloody luncheon?!

yes, i am blogging about a blog.
 a rad collab between j. shelley harrison and i. 
she of all people knows best about my strange lunch (or lack of) habits. photos and dialogue ensue on a nearly daily basis, in realtime, at lunchtime.
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