Wednesday, October 31, 2012

5 favorite jiang shi films (mwhahaha)

(mwhahaha) tis the season for scary shit and jiang shi (chinese vampires) films are by far my favorite type o scary (and funny) movie.

a lil background: (jiang shi are more like zombies than western vampires. due to rigor mortis, they hop or fly around in order to move. they usually appear dressed in qing dynasty garb, and are combated by a taoist priest (generally played by yam ching-ying) who puts them to sleep by placing spells written on pieces of yellow paper on their foreheads. other things used to fight them include: male virgins, sticky rice, chicken eggs, dog blood, and lots of sammo hung action.)

*full versions of most of these (yes, subtitled) are available on youtube...

1. the dead and the deadly (1983)

2. encounters of the spooky kind (1980)

3. ultimate vampire (1991)

4. exorcist master (1993)
5. mr. vampire (1985)


Sunday, October 28, 2012

pepsi summer - 1990

pepsi released this edition of cans in 1990. i was 10 years old. 

that was a totally rad summer, with lots of skateboarding, nintendo, pizza, swimming, and staying out all night.
teenage mutant ninja turtles were huge, and we would run around and fuck shit up pretending to be ninja turtles. i was always raphael cuz i actually had a real pair of sai(s). i also punched somebody for the first time. we drank a lot of pepsi from these cans becuz there was a machine at our apartment complex.

if you stacked 2 of these cans on top of one another in a certain way, it kinda spelled "sex". very taser.