Sunday, February 21, 2010

shoji goto + OOIOO +??????????????????????????

shoji goto is an artist that i am desperately seeking info on. shoji goto has worked with one of my personal favorite sound-making groups OOIOO, via video and cover art for several of their albums...unfortunately (i think), and like most taser factory action surrounding the boredoms, ooioo, etc. there is a blackout as far as online info is concerned (at least for me). what all these cats are doing is amazing, and just makes me dig deeper for more.
shoji goto cover art for OOIOO's armonico hewa (thrill jockey)

the image from shoji goto's website

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

shane edge - hose adjusting

shane edge. shaun egg, chain leg, shawn love, evil sleg...regardless of the moniker, he has maintained a terrific output of taser factory art for a number of years. definitely multifaceted, he is most often recognized for his work with visual art, sound-making, and bar tending.
mr. edge recently returned to the sunny shores of colorado to escape the incests of the midwest, and recapture his eagle spirit. shawn and i have consistently collaborated together since the land before time, and geographical distance has never really slowed that down. so the future is same as we thought it was.
there are images of shim's paintings available online, but i can't recall where...but that doesn't matter right now. this entry is about these two full length albums, which are now available online.
shan's audio products cant really be summed in the time i wanna spend writing this. simply, it is vocal tape manipulation, free / stream of consciousness composition. his voice knows few bounds, and has many characters built-in, which he decisively calls into action at will. Egge's recordings have garnered both amazing and terrible reviews from the music press and friends alike. i like it. but then again, i also like no
n-rhythmic noise and phil collins and most things inbetween.
it has always amazed me at how the most universally likable person i have ever known can produce some of the more potentially unlikable sound products you can find in the course of a day. you be tha judge:

shan edg circa 2001
"hose adjuster" cover by: crab jackson
shane edge - hose adjuster (fmsmprc24)
shane edge - shine love (fmsmprc11)
both available here: listen!
shane was actually the person who coined the term "taser factory".

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coup de' villes- big trouble in little china song.

this, everything about this, is incredibly taser factory. the coup de villes were a band which included john carpenter, the very same john carpenter who directed, among other great things of greatness, big trouble in little china. this is currently my favorite film. this song is terrific, as is the video...however, i love the tag-line used by the cat who posted this "...John Carpenter's stupid ass band..." that is also very funny.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Institute for Rational Living - 1961

It would seem like wisdom, if not for the warning in my heart. On second thought...Mr. Albert Ellis and Mrs. Robert A Harper both have at least one Ph.D (unless that is a typo). On third thought...i live really near a fortress of scientology.favorite chapter (s):
9. The art of never being desperately unhappy
17. Rewriting your personal history

Other Books and Monographs by the authors:
-The Folklore of Sex
-The American Sexual Tragedy
-The psychology of sex offenders
-How to live with a neurotic
-Sex Without Guilt
-What is Psychotherapy
-Creative Marriage

and 2 other titles mentioned in the book not written by either authors:
-Psychosomatic Gynecology
-Psych Yourself into Better Tennis

Read More Books.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

the sound of wall (follow-up)

in spite of the rain (an element which frightens LA folk into a state of non-being) the "sound of wall" opening was a success! we dedicated our improvised demonstrational performance to the french composer Luc Ferrari. Just so happened that feb. 5th was his birthday, so we just put the elements together. unfortunately, the piece was not recorded, but was titled in a very on a very Ferrari hinge "Presque bien avec strings". here are some photos and info:

“the sound of wall”
by: (knee shy)

The sound of wall was built specifically for installation at Origami Vinyl. When faced with creating a piece for an audio driven environment. (knee shy) took a peek into our own sound inclinations and interests. The resulting product was this assemblage.

As both sound-makers and listeners, we found a common focus on some of the worlds heavier, concept/theory based sounds and the purveyors of... also referred to with such tags as: experimental composition, new music, 20th century composition; and includes such names as: John Cage, Henry Cowell, Christian Wolff, Glenn Branca, etc.

However, when put to the masses, ideas in this realm sometimes succumb under their own weight and sink in terms of general interest. Even from the stand point of being fans of the theories and methods employed, we agree that waxing on and on over the subject is a terrific way to be labeled as extremely boring.

In answer to resolving our hang-ups with the over-intellectualizing that can so easily turn off interest, we have tried a combination of the above mentioned with our natural (knee shy) penchant for interactivity and light heartedness.

For “the sound of wall” (an obvious and satirical reference to the amplification system once employed by the Grateful Dead) we have created an interactive “non-traditional music instrument”. It is a device containing many elements which lead to instant experimentation and composition, extended technique, and other forms of non-traditional instrument use.

The intentional lack of elegance in the aesthetic qualities of “the sound of wall” are reflective of our trust and love for the d.i.y. mentality, and how it is very possible to experiment and build on a higher academic pattern of concept with a homespun adjustment.

We welcome questions, comments, and for anyone who feels inclined to “play” the sound of wall.

(knee shy)= j. shelley harrison + jeremy kennedy

Special Thanks to:
Origami Vinyl, Lone Horn, Yosuke Kitazawa, Adam Reese, Jamie for helping us get this stuff over here, and the person who hated that piano enough to give to us.

Friday, February 5, 2010

"the sound of wall" by:(knee shy)

“the sound of wall”
installation + installation specific sound performance
by: (knee shy)
@ origami vinyl (1816 w sunset blvd / echo park)
Friday, February 5th

(knee shy) is a fun-loving art duo, and recent addition to the bulging rolodex of the Los Angeles art community. With their upcoming installation piece, “the sound of wall”, they plan to display their penchant for inclusive playfulness, as well as their love of the strange and beautiful.

The piece itself is essentially a large wall mounted string instrument to which most standard technical titles both do and do not apply. The 7 section unit contains in total 111 strings, some strung properly and others prepared with a variety of objects. The object is amplified both electrically and naturally, and fills the roll of several traditional instrument variants.

Guests are welcome to interact with the piece. For the opening of the installation, (knee shy) will also perform a sound piece composed specifically for the piece in it’s current tuning. It’s sure to be full of 4 handed plucking, bowing, string piano, and other extended technique action.

The opening event for the piece is set for Friday February 5th. Along with the scheduled performance, sounds will be spun by: Lone Horn (aaron from the Horns of Happiness) and the Origami Vinyl crew. “the sound of wall” will be on exhibition and playable at Origami Vinyl from February 5th until April 5th, during normal store hours.