Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fabio - The Book

The phenomenon, the man, the message...
That's right, it's the fucking fabio-so Fabio book (first edition!).
Thanks again to the forever taser Leah Yeppi, and her un-fuck-with-able ability to search out such gems... and send them to me!
With this, the Iron Eagle Original Soundtrack Book, and all the stuff inbetween, she is helping to slowly turn my studio into a Little Brown Mushroom-type repository of crazy-ass printed rarities.
Fabio. I read it. He seems like a decent dude.
I try never to be a hater of wild bulky weirdos...especially after somebody told me Dolph Lundgren was a total sweetheart and all around cool guy. That benefit of the doubt thing, or whatev's.