Sunday, July 12, 2009

"delete" + "-one-liners-"

by: Jeremy Kennedy
by: Anne Roecklein + Joseph Rohrer
Friday July 24th
@ Hospital (102 e. Allen)
8-10 pm

After over a decade of living and working in Bloomington, Indiana, Jeremy Kennedy’s days as a resident are numbered. And, as things come to end in Bloomington, they will begin anew elsewhere. This is, in part, the driving idea behind this new performance piece.
essentially, the performance of “Delete” goes as follows:
Kennedy will set up a desk and his desktop computer in the gallery space. the monitor screen will be projected on a wall in the gallery, so that everyone can see as he deletes all files, one by one.
The hard drive in question has been the artists main storage unit for data including audio/video recordings from the fmsmprc record label (which he helps maintain), photos of friends and previous art work, and other important documents.
“Delete” differs greatly from Kennedy previous work in the sense that this is reflective of events unfolding in his personal life. As an artist and sound maker he has never really allowed personal feelings and views to enter into his work. It’s an out with the old type of thing. a way of thinking that is relative to this stage of Kennedy’s life, as he is leaving these Midwestern hills for the shores of sunny California.
There is also a certain significance to his choosing a computer as the vehicle for expression. Lines can be drawn to such concepts as the constant movement and turnaround of technological advancement. Seen here as Kennedy’s Sony Vaio, hailed as a remarkable piece of equipment when purchased several years ago, is soon to be a relic of that era of PC age. Or perhaps, entertaining the idea that files on one’s personal hard drive have become valuable property. An idea which is quickly defeated in moments of dissonant human clarity, which tells some of us, “It’s nothing but a bunch of 1’s and 0’s...”, and doesn’t really matter.
All in all, this show could be titled “Purging”. The years spent here in Bloomington have left the artist as the sole owner of a great number of possessions. Some of which have personal value, and some of which can be classified as “junk”, depending on the point of view. Regardless, it’s time to downsize.

-tyco riley (2009)


-one-liners- is a drawing exhibition where-in artists are asked to submit 10 new works that deal with the show’s title. Works should explore the possibilities of the phrase one-liner. Whatever it means to you. Dimensions should not exceed 19 inches in any direction. Jurors Anne Roecklein and Joseph Rohrer will select from all submissions with a goal of selecting 100 drawings from 20 artists.

Friday, July 10, 2009

"5 | 7 | 5"

pulling an all dayer-all nighter-all dayer for this one... seventeen pieces in 3 days (more like 2) + work + the rest this bullshit day-to-day! no comment. just check out the show.
(knee shy) presents:

“5 | 7 | 5”
Friday, July 10th
@ Greek’s Pizzeria
(211 N. Walnut St.)
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

As a duo operating under the moniker (knee shy) this will be there last foray in Bloomington (at least for awhile). It might be a reinterpretation of haiku or an obsession with the number seventeen, or both? Call it what you will as “5 | 7 | 5” pins the above as the spool from which this collection is spun.
The body of work is seventeen pieces strong, and represented in a storm of mediums. Each work is constructed based on a haiku written in regards to the number seventeen. The “haiku” itself is presented along with the piece to allow the viewer a deeper reach into the full circle process synonymous with (knee shy)’s previous work.
The most direct past incarnation of this style of number play and relativity is probably (knee shy)’s “pardon our eleven fragile titles” collection from 2006. Wherein, the number eleven was put on the spot and squeezed for it’s value in a myriad of ways. including the fact of the collection being made up of eleven pieces and each piece being priced at $111.11.
In a user friendly path, the concept of “5 | 7 | 5” can be dissected in the following way:

haiku = 5 syllable line, 7 syllable line, 5 syllable line = 17 syllables |
haiku written in reflection of the significance of things concerning 17 |
17 pieces of art work created as a response to the haikus.

To place a piece as an example, the artist’s suggest this:

title: “17 year cicada year”
“a cicada year
just enough time for a snack
could be late for work”
art piece: an hour glass filled with crushed cicada shells which runs for 17 seconds.


(knee shy)’s art work for this show involves a variety of forms including: silk screen, sculpture, prepared objects, audio, and an array of other constructs.


Soundtrack for the evening courtesy of DJ LVX.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the "f" of july

as an end note for this year’s eventful dependence day weekend, mark and i finally blew up the toaster oven! we’ve been planning to do this for a while...just throw in a few spray paint cans, add all the fireworks you can grab, put up a plexi-glass blast shield and set it toast.
there were 2 big fireballs and the whole thing was taser factory! good thing we put the blast shield or people would have gotten burned and hurt and stuff (including the nice families who came over from the neighborhood block party).
this is the only photo that i’ve received so far. it’s a little blurry, but you can make out the fireball for sure! (thanks lori canada)