Thursday, May 21, 2009

"don't rain on my parade" follow up!

yes and finally! some taser factory images and video to show you from j. shelley harrison’s “don’t rain on my parade” show @ fuller projects last month! it was a total success and some much fun, and here’s the proof!

we just got a few nice photos from jeremy hogan and a time lapse video of the entire event from william winchester claytor. by the way... kids loved this piece! (we need to be more in tune with that.)
p.s.- i love these colors!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ctrl+Alt+Design (seattle)

this is going to be great! (knee shy) has been invited to do an installation piece at this year’s JOIN design showcase in seattle! the event is titled Ctrl+Alt+Design, and it will focus on new american design(ers).
the pics from last years show are extremely taser factory, and featured work from seattle based design entities: iacoli & mcallister, ladies & gentlemen, graypants, submaterial, urbancase, and meet me here. this year they’re expanding to provide views from all over the country. we’re excited as fu
ck just to go, let alone actually be involved!
our piece is to be titled “onward?”. we are hoping to reflect the freshness of what is going on with the event, as well as where we are at...which seems to mix itself into our ideas more than ever recently. it looks solid on paper, and our excitement is growing as preparation and pre-work has begun!
we’ll bring back a flock of photos for sure!

late post...

kentucky derby celebration!
totally taser factory day party! shelley and i are both from kentucky, so the derby is like a holiday for us. + this year we had a rented 6 seat golf to drive around (similar to the one below)! the actual race was surprising too. what an upset!

afterwards we went out to the countryside to watch ponytail play an amazing set in somebody's yard.