Monday, April 20, 2009

chance of rain: 100%

this is going to be so much fucking fun!
here's the press release:

“Don’t Rain On My Parade”
j. shelley harrison Friday April 24 2009 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm @ Fuller Projects (McCalla Building) j. shelley harrison is recognized and appreciated by many as a local artist, resident soundmaker, and social presence. These strong traits come together in full for her upcoming art event “Don’t Rain On My Parade”. Ms. Harrison has spent a decade on the local art scene and has had her hands in more projects than most of us realize. She is the president and a founding member of Bloomington’s “hospital” art space, along with Aaron Deer is a member of “the Horns of Happiness” (a band promoted by local record moguls Secretly Canadian), and a terrifically inventive artist. A special type of artist, that helps puts Bloomington on the map as something more than another run-of-the-mill craft wielding Midwestern burg. “Never allow the medium to shape the artwork.“ is Harrison’s motto. And she has made good on this commitment by creating an ever growing collection of concept and idea driven work in a vast array of disciplines. This upcoming event is to be yet another great testament. “Don’t Rain On My Parade” is an extremely interactive piece of work. In a sense it demands the interaction of the audience to fulfill it’s purpose. What Harrison has planned is essentially a rainstorm indoors. Via timers and other devices, there will be a 100% chance of precipitation at Fuller Projects Friday April 24th. Here’s where the interactive aspect comes into play... Visitors are welcome to enter and examine the structure and set-up, but every few minutes there will be a downpour which will suggest that the audience take shelter under one of the several umbrellas suspended throughout the installation. Thus, creating a social environment where show goers are placed next to other show goers in the pursuit of staying dry. Conversation is likely to ensue, at least until the weather lets up. this part is key in Ms. Harrison’s goal. As the tagline suggests: “a conversational piece”. The effect of this piece would not be complete with an aural motivator, which is where Ms. Harrison’s collaboration with her bandmate Aaron Deer comes in. Together they form “the Horns of Happiness” (aforementioned), and they will be providing a thunderous soundtrack for the event. This soundtrack is a mash-up of field recordings and instrument play designed to accompany the timing and movement of the show. Yet another dimension to the piece, which can also stand alone, as it will be the next full length release for “the Horns of Happiness” on Secretly Canadian Records. All in all, this is a prime example of the playful and inclusive form that this young artist is highly noted for. Harrison wants for people to have fun and offers an alternate choice to the routine party, going out for drinks, and all that other stuff that people subscribe to whenever the weekend rolls around. This will surely prove to be an event to remember and it reaffirms a certain special quality of Ms. Harrison’s art idea. The way she focuses to maintain an openness to both the local community as well as the academic side of town, something a lot of artist skip (and some even avoid). In a more classic reference, the only parade to be rained on might be yours if you were to miss this great upcoming show. -tyco riley (2009)