Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mad Like Artaud

thursday, november 19 at 7pm (more like 7:30-ish) at 356 s. mission road / los angeles.

lunch skirt and i attended this book launch by one of our fave, most interesting persons, sylvère lotringer.
the reading was terrific. this is what it looked like afterwards.
i wish sylvere himself had talked more... maybe he did.
we had to leave after this photo was taken because day jobs.

so, we missed the film screening. i caught it later via this:

The Man Who Disappeared (2015, 49 min) a film.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

ewok smell.

has anyone else ever imagined how terrible these things* must smell?!
like waking up on the floor after 2 days of being too busy to properly shower, followed by a 3 day spree of debauchery, in a room that carries the distinct odor of a opium den / smoking-friendly petting zoo, absorbed into every follicle...
viola! hence the term: "ewok smell".
eewl... add that to yr lexicon.

*ewoks are some kinda fictitious, hostile, fur-covered, biped-esque creatures, w/ primitive tool-making abilities and an archaic social structure, featured in a popular instructional video franchise titled "star wars".

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

big giftin'

thinking of my work pal james on his day here...
dude set me up w/ some totally taser gifts from his recent vacay.
had the op to rock that killer "cashmere excellent product" scarf for the 1st time today, + this mint condition linden clock radio (complete w/ case) is gonna get some serious play time in my next sound making set.
the am on this guy is perfectly timed after the death of my last royal 50. #handheld
this man has taste.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

open press L.A. - two thousand and fifteens.

a totally taser roving book fair + reading / performance series that recently went down here in los angeles.
i was only able to catch 2 of the multiple events at a number of rad venues. during some words about birds at insert blanc, i grabbed this (above) not quite murder, yet conveniently timed gang of crows tearing up the air.
constantly forgetting my tripping out on the atm's, i didn't immediately score as much take away as i wished. regardless, amongst other items, managed to pick up this collection from eohippus labs, and mr. unnamed press tossed me a frisbee.
managed to snag this exhausted copy from emji spero after what seemed like an hour long toothbrushing performance reading at poetic research bureau... my bag still carries the odor of sensodyne.
(handed it over to lunch skirt to rest aside some ketchup'd pages from a performance by lindsey boldt)
also, a reading of this piece from CARLA led to a brief but terrif discussion on cying, and my own personal "cry list" exploration.