Friday, November 25, 2011


this is f-ing amazing! "SCANWICHES". it is what it sounds like, scans of sandwiches...or as the creator writes: "Scans of sandwiches for education and delight.

this is the type of action that keeps the little universe in my head spinning at the proper speed, and encourages me to continue following the passions in my big blood-filled heart.

powerHouse Calls Presents: Scanwiches: The Ham, Apple and Brie from powerHouse Books on Vimeo.

k. that's enough...there's a book available, and looks like prints as well....see for yrself:
maybe a great new mind-blowing item of interest for fans of "tom selleck waterfall sandwich"

Saturday, November 19, 2011

photo-blinds: we be shreddin'...

working habits change. in my case, photography and the making of books has steadily infiltrated what i've been making over the past year or so. 

something that hasn't changed is my draw towards large quantities of a single item. a rule that reads something like: 1 red plastic cocktail sword isn't really that amazing, but 15,000 of them holds great potential.
this rule, combined with the above photo/book making thing, and my reluctance to waste anything, and an obsession with the work of jennifer bolande lead to these "photo-blinds". 

here's the original. ~32L x 16W.

i've been building (and subsequently selling) these pieces in the wake of an exhibition that wasn't to be. created by bundling shredded photo and paper off-cuts and tying them into mats of various lengths. they can be installed in several different ways.