Monday, October 31, 2011

my negative eve.

it's quite very true that i'm not a fan of halloween, but i do like some creepy old movies. here's 2 really tasered up favorites:

dementia 13 (1963)
it's francis ford coppola's directorial debut, and it's totally hot and creepy and grainy and slightly british-y. it also features luana anders, one of my all time favorite actresses and major personal influence, in a terrifically grumpy, jaded and burnt out alpha-blonde, negative creep, bitch's perfect! perfect-o. 
mr. coppola apparently got handed this opportunity by his then boss roger corman, which is beautifully evident.

night tide (1961)'s rad to see anything with a young dennis hopper, and this takes the shotgun on the fire off with pleasure, and yes, luana anders is here too, acting grumpy and concerned! fun to watch, and i would kill someone i don't know (with a knife) to go back in time and behind the scenes for the making of this film.

a bit romero should have made more creepy films with judith o'dea.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

river city ransom. the book.

over the past year or so, books, or rather making them, has seriously infiltrated my working habits (i can't imagine why...). whenever an idea for a project comes up nowadays, one my immediate responses is: "let's make a book."

such is true with this new thing...
River City Ransom (a text-only, play-by-play account of the 1989 video game, as played by some guy.)

as a kid in the 80's, i spent a decent amount of time with the nintendo entertainment system, but somehow missed out on river city ransom. then a few years ago, when i was on tour with the Mean-Agers, Mean Chris turned me onto the game at a place we were staying in Pittsburg. 
personally, i thought the game kinda sucked, but it was really funny and i loved how excited Mean Chris was about it. earlier this year, river city ransom seemed liked the perfect target for this project...
so here it is....
a text-only play-by-play account i wrote of watching the game being played by some dude from beginning to end. all written in that weird monotonous phrasing and pace that i use to chronicle action packed stories. 

the physical product, at least phase 1, is now completed as a super limited edition handmade book. 

find more and new stuff at

Sunday, October 23, 2011

mailbox day

i love mail. and the united states postal service. and i did email my congressman in concerns to the future of that entity...
anyway, here are 2 new prime examples of why:
the naughty "english muffin" jigsaw puzzle from maarrrrk rice. i imagine this was born into the world at a time when benny hill was at his prime. it seems the assembler found the pieces missing on the box cover image.
a beautiful book by jeff moerchen...tentatively referred to as "11 of 15". some schematic pages prepared with what i imagine to be some of the famous red dirt from the artist's current location along with other coloring. it came with a proud feather bookmark.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

5 things i've seen people try to feed to cats

cigarette butts

chef boyardee ravoli

fish (carassius auratus auratus)

steamed rice

combos (cheddar cheese cracker flavor)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

burst up!...Piñata. a fine gallery in echo park.

about: Piñata is a project/retail space, cultivating the collaboration of arts, fashion, media and design through limited-run releases, exhibits and events. 

about (via me): Piñata is absolutely terrific. it held it's first opening the very same day i moved in to my new place, which is rather across the street. that initial exhibit featured a familiar entity...hassla books. thrilled. yes. there. i found an intimate space attractively lined with original works by a few favorites and some new now favorites (including an amazing piece by andrea longacre-white, which i still can't cross off my "must have" list).

after a tasered up performance by brendan fowler a few weeks later (rad), Piñata opened it's new show: University. by Seth Kinmont. the ol' 2 show test is complete, and this is officially taser factory. mr. Kinmont's work is a smart and great follow-up that proves Piñata knows how to shift gears in a forward style.

happy. quite. check it out. online. or stop by.