Saturday, July 16, 2011

prvtdncr / bodega vendetta

i have been walking past these two pieces on an almost daily basis (as they are right down the block from where i live), for a...while, and finally took a few photos. 

this is some of the best street art i have found, or that has found me, in LA. my mind caught fire immediately, but i had to do some online digging to allow the flames to spread. 

from what i can tell, this is collaborative work by prvtdncr (--private dancer) and bodega vendetta... mapping thru several of their related blogs at the speed i was going made it a bit difficult to find the decisive breaks between the artists' work...

but who gives a fuck! this is totally taser and that blog quest i mentioned is totally worthwhile, as it is simply image after image of powerful good. it's easy and fun and goes waaayyyy beyond these two photos here.
do it:

i grabbed some info from catch fire...
where in described as: "tweeker hooker folk art posters”. enough said, now look.

Bimbo on Sunset Blvd...

hmmm...if it weren't for the fact that i came across this truck so early in the morning, i probably wouldn't have taken the photo.

but i did. not the most taser factory shot, especially considering this is the first post in a while...but at least i resisted the urge to post the photo to facebook and tag a bunch of "friends" in it (carmageddon has brought out my benevolent side).

as i was downloading the photo from my camera, i realized that i didn't have a clue as to the origin of the word bimbo. 
naturally i went straight to wikipedia and found that the history of bimbo holds a few more fucked up facets than i had imagined...
see for yrself:

of course, this post could just be an excuse to tag carmageddon.